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g-f(2)783 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (1/3/2022), FORTUNE, 2022 will be a year of continuing transformation

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Lessons learnedFORTUNE

  • 2022 is destined to be a year of continuing transformation for business, fueled by: 1) a technology revolution; 2) a post-pandemic imperative to reinvent office work; and 3) a continuing drive to put purpose at the center of business. The most successful companies will be those that embrace these three interlocking waves of change. And the performance gap between those that do and those that don’t will grow.

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Alan Murray

Alan Murray is CEO of Fortune. He oversees the business and editorial operations of the media company, and is known for expanding its digital and conference franchises. Murray also writes a closely-read daily newsletter, the Fortune CEO Daily, that often addresses issues of corporate governance. Previously, Murray led the rapid expansion of the Pew Research Center’s digital footprint as president of that organization. He also was a reporter for The Wall Street Journal for more than two decades and wrote Revolt in the Boardroom and three other books.

Twitter: @AlanSMurray

David Meyer

I am a senior writer for Fortune, covering mostly European business affairs, but also technology and digital rights issues. I edit and co-write Fortune's CEO Daily newsletter.

Previously, I was a freelance technology writer, contributing regularly to Fortune, ZDNet, Privacy Advisor and Internet of Business. Previous employers include Politico, Gigaom and ZDNet, and I have also written for the BBC, the Guardian, Mobile Europe and Total Telecom.

Before becoming a tech journalist in May 2006, I worked as a freelance broadcaster, mainly in radio. I hold an MA in Multimedia Journalism from Bournemouth University (which I obtained on a BBC scholarship) and a BA in English and Archaeology from the University of Cape Town.

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Lessons learned, FORTUNE

  • At Fortune, our goal for 2022 is to help business leaders and investors successfully surf those waves.  As always, this begins with our journalism. Under the guidance of new editor-in-chief Alyson Shontell, the team is staffing up to cover these historic transformations and continue Fortune’s 92-year tradition of informing and inspiring the best in business while exposing the worst. In addition, we’ll continue a 67-year-old tradition of providing the leading benchmarks for business success with our rankings that include the Fortune 500, 100 Best Companies to Work For, Most Powerful Women, Change the World, Future 50, 40-Under-40, and more. If you aren’t already a subscriber, this is the year to become one. 

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Lessons learned, FORTUNE 

  • In addition, we’ll be building on our more recent efforts to educate a new generation of business leaders through Fortune CONNECT, our leadership and learning community that now includes more than 1,000 senior executives from Salesforce, Workday, Accenture, PayPal, IBM, GenPact, and some 20 other leading companies that recognize the transformations ahead demand a new generation, and a new style of leadership. We will be opening the community to qualified individual applicants this spring. If you are interested in exploring membership, check it out here. And we will continue to grow Fortune Education as a reliable source of ratings, rankings and reviews for those who recognize lifelong learning is increasingly key to business success.

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