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Opportunity, The Best of America, WSJ
  • The 13 men and women who died in Kabul were on a rescue mission.
  • Every death in war is heartbreaking, and especially when the mission that killed them didn’t have to happen the way it did. But their service is also reassuring for showing that millions of young Americans are still willing to sacrifice to defend their country and its principles. We’ll wager that they didn’t wait in the locker room when the national anthem was played. They represent the best of America.
Lesson learned, We are learning more about these young men and woman, and their deaths are all the more painful because they were sent on a selfless rescue mission, WSJ
  • President Biden and his wife paid their respects Sunday at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to the 13 Americans who died at Kabul airport last week, and well they should. 
  • They range in age from 20 to 31, represent a mix of ethnic groups, and hail from the middle-class, patriotic families who always bear the worst burden of war. Their family members say most of them joined the military out of individual purpose and national pride. They are the volunteers who follow orders and man the ramparts no matter the risk or ill-advised war plan.

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        Lesson learned, Every story of real heroes that breaks the soul in the face of senseless violence, WSJ
        • Nicole Gee, recently promoted to Marine Sergeant, was from Sacramento and married to a fellow Marine, Jarod Gee. Only days before her death she posted on Instagram a now famous photo of herself cradling a young Afghan baby. “I love my job,” she wrote. She was 23 years old.

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        The Best of America, The Editorial Board, August 29, 2021, The Wall Street Journal, WSJ. 


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