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g-f(2)293 The big picture of the digital age, 10 fundamental lessons learned (5/25/2021) for those traveling at high speed on GKPath

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Multiple updates for those traveling at high speed on GKPath, geniouxfacts
  • 10 fundamental lessons learned (5/25/2021) for those traveling at high speed on GKPath!
  1. Lesson learned, geniouxfacts
    • The essential problem of the digital age: The speed at which Golden Knowledge (GK) is appropriated is far less than the speed with which new GK is created.
  2. Lesson learned, geniouxfacts
    • Every day we experience an explosion of new GK in emerging technologies (digital and non-digital) and multidisciplinary knowledge (e.g., leadership, management, strategy, innovation, organizational culture, marketing, supply chains, customer management).
  3. Lesson learned, geniouxfacts
    • You really see with your knowledge as you fight your biases.
  4. Lesson learned, geniouxfacts
    • The stark reality is that ignorance is growing rapidly.
  5. Lesson learned, geniouxfacts
    • A “genioux fact fast solution” is ultra-condensed juice of golden knowledge to accelerate your unlimited growth.
  6. Lesson learned, geniouxfacts, Forbes
    • Quotes are ultra-condensed knowledge! Relevant quotes about ignorance illuminate our growth. 
  7. Lesson learned, Bloomberg Businessweek
    • The world’s biggest businesses were doing fine until Covid-19 arrived. Now they’re doing even better.
  8. Lesson learned, Adam Grant
    • Intelligence is usually seen as the ability to think and learn, but in a rapidly changing world, there’s another set of cognitive skills that might matter more: the ability to rethink and unlearn.
  9. Lesson learned, Adam Grant
    • There’s evidence that being good at thinking can make us worse at rethinking. The brighter we are, the blinder to our own limitations we can become.
  10. Lesson learned, Adam Grant
    • Learning to question your opinions and open other people’s minds can position you for excellence at work and wisdom in life.

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                Multiple updates for those traveling at high speed on GKPath, geniouxfacts,

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