g-f New World


g-f New World

We live in a wonderful New World called “g-f New World” which is a concept created by Genioux.com Corporation within “genioux facts”, the online programme on "MASTERING THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE”. The digital age has matured to become The Age of Transformation. The buzzword for the transformation of companies, organizations, communities, countries is Digital Transformation. “genioux facts” describes the transformation of each person as the Personal Digital Transformation (g-f PDT). It is a process of continuous learning, unlearning, and relearning that enables individuals to adapt to the digital age and thrive in it.

The Age of Transformation has allowed for the building of a wonderful New World (g-f New World) with a fabulous treasure (g-f Treasure) trove tailored for unlimited growth. The treasure makes it possible to build a world of prosperity with benefits for all. The treasure of the digital age has two fundamental elements: amazing emerging technologies and exceptional multidisciplinary knowledge. PEOPLE is the third element of the fabulous treasure. Those who lead the transformations are the people.

Digital transformations have allowed many global leaders (such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Netflix, Nvidia, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn) to build and popularize their successful worlds. The g-f New World is heterogeneous built from the wise exploitation of its fabulous treasure. The New World is composed of all the worlds created with transformations enabled by the treasure.

The fundamental CHALLENGE for everyone, people, companies, organizations, countries, to succeed in the New World is to find the right balance between running and transforming!

To fully exploit the g-f New World "genioux facts" offers you:

  • g-f Tr (g-f Treasure):  The knowledge for you to discover and exploit the fabulous treasure to your measure for your growth without limits.
  • g-f PDT ("genioux facts" Personal Digital Transformation): Each person can wisely exploit the treasure with a "genioux facts" Personal Digital Transformation (g-f PDT) that can be potentially wonderful and disruptive.
  • GK (Golden Knowledge): In the New World (g-f New World), knowledge of exceptional quality is produced daily. We call this valuable knowledge Golden Knowledge (GK). Mines of Golden Knowledge (GK) abound and grow every day.
  • GKPath (The Golden Knowledge Path): "genioux facts" builds GKPath digital freeway to accelerate everyone's success. "GKPath" is the free highway where there is no speed limit to grow.  GkPath is paved with blocks of golden knowledge.
  • GK juices (Golden Knowledge (GK) juices): "genioux facts" are juices of condensed knowledge of different granularity. A "genioux fact" juice can have ultra-condensed, extra-condensed and condensed knowledge. 
  • g-f fishing ("genioux facts" fishing): "genioux facts" frequently fishes in the fabulous treasure trove for golden knowledge (GK) essential for unlimited growth and shares the catch with you. We call it "g-f fishing".

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