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Opportunity, Building data literacy, HBR
  • By investing in data literacy across the enterprise, businesses can bring more divergent and creative perspectives to bear on both mitigating the risk of algorithmic bias — and identifying other efficiencies and opportunities that data can often reveal.
  • Data literacy is about much more than machine learning and data science. And it’s about more than AI. Data literacy is simply about humans coping better in a data-infused world.
Lesson learned, A look at the data tells us that most companies are still struggling to build data literacy, HBR
  • Ninety percent of business leaders cite data literacy as key to company success, but only 25% of workers feel confident in their data skills.
Lesson learned, Specific practices implemented to make data literacy a reality, HBR
    • Make data literacy an organization-wide priority, not just among people within the technology org. Data literacy is not a technical skill. It is a professional skill.
    • Develop an internal common language for speaking about data, how it intersects with your business and industry, and how it is changing specific roles at your company. The world of data is big, filled with buzzwords and misunderstanding.
    • Create spaces within your organization for workers to connect business concepts and data concepts. Empower employees to generate new business ideas that apply their data literacy. 
    • Create incentive structures to reward data-driven decision making. Take your current process for approving ideas or setting budgets. Then add mechanisms that reward data-driven thinking.
    • Deploy L&D programs that teach data literacy in the context of your business problems — and that actually engage your employees. Not everyone needs to know how to code. But soon everyone will need data literacy. 

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          Opportunity, Data literacy is a skill that everyone has to have now, HBR
          • As companies rely more and more on data, and it creeps into more parts of business, data literacy is a skill that everyone has to have now.

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          Rasheed Sabar

          Rasheed Sabar is co-founder and co-CEO of Correlation One, a technology company focused on data-skills training for enterprises. The company is building a more inclusive data ecosystem, including programs to bring more women and underrepresented groups into data jobs.

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