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g-f(2)455 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (8/28/2021), MIT SMR, Don’t Let Digital Obsession Destroy Your Organization

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Alert, Don’t Let Digital Obsession Destroy Your Organization, MIT SMR
    • Companies and leaders must take a holistic approach to get digital transformation right.
    • Too often, organizations with big digital appetites are focusing narrowly, overlooking chronic and systemic issues and making overly ambitious investments. You don’t have to look far in the business literature to see that we have a digital obsession.
    • Unhealthy digital obsession has caused many organizations to blindly launch arrows into the night without genuinely understanding their aim.
      Alert, Leaders would be wise not to let this transformation be their undoing, MIT SMR
        • Now is the time to take a step back to understand the organizational environment as a system, design for the proper human-centered outcomes, and experiment judiciously to reach your desired scale. Reframe digital transformation from executing a one-time endeavor to embedding it into the organization’s DNA.
        Alert, Organizations scheduled to spend trillions on digital transformation by 2023, MIT SMR
          • With organizations slated to spend $6.8 trillion on digital transformation by 2023, they’re aggressively seeking to lower operational costs, accelerate speed to market, and unlock new opportunities.
          Alert, Failure rate for digital initiative is alarming
            • Companies can’t afford to rush in blindly — the 70% failure rate (and associated costs) for digital initiatives is alarmingly high. Leaders and shareholders might crave near-immediate returns, but the path to digital maturity is an arduous one. Most companies’ digital capabilities, including cloud services, software development, cybersecurity, and the like, currently live in silos or are outsourced.
            Opportunity, Progress requires leaders to question the patterns, underlying structures, and mental models existent in a business, MIT SMR
              • Tony Saldanha said in a Forbes article, “Digital transformation is an ongoing journey, and you get there only by changing the DNA of the organization.”
              • Here’s how to start.
                1. Treat the business as a unified whole. 
                2. Make your digital “aim” outcome-focused and human-centered.
                3. Take an experimental, scale-later approach. 

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                    Racing Into the Deep End With Digital
                      • A decade has passed since the term digital transformation was coined, but it has taken a life-changing pandemic for digital capabilities to substantively alter how businesses operate. As a result, business leaders from every industry now feel the strategic necessity of investing in digital platforms, products, and services.

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