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g-f(2)700 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (12/2/2021), geniouxfacts, The video “Don't Believe Everything You Think | Lauren Weinstein | TEDxPaloAlto” is an exceptional “Full Pack Golden Knowledge Container”

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  • Lauren Weinstein delivers an inspiring TEDxPaloAlto talk on how to break free from limiting beliefs.
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    • No matter who you are or where you are, in this moment, there is the life that you can be living if you break your ropes. You get there one new thought at a time, one new action at a time until one day, you find yourself in a new reality.
    • What makes us so amazing as children is we live in a world before ropes. In a world before "what's known,“ when there is "what's possible.“ In a world before "I can’t,” when there is "how could I?“ In a world before falling and staying down, when we fall and get right back up again - undeterred. In a world in which nothing is holding us back from our full capacity.
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    • This elephant has incredible strength. She can uproot a tree with her trunk alone. Yet she will remain in captivity, held by only a light rope. Despite her ability to easily break away, she doesn't even try. Why? It starts when she is young. She is first tied down when she is small and not yet strong enough to break the rope. She'll try at first, try as hard as she can to break free, and try and try, but eventually realize she can’t. 
    • Suddenly, something attaches itself to her that is stronger than any rope or chain or fence. It's the belief that she can't break free. It's this belief that holds her back - despite her ability.

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Don't Believe Everything You Think | Lauren Weinstein | TEDxPaloAlto



Lauren Weinstein is a lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, teaching one of the most popular classes there—The Essentials of Strategic Communication. In addition to her work at the Business School, she has served as a guest lecturer and skills coach for Stanford Law School, the Stanford undergraduate program and the Stanford

In addition to her work at Stanford, Lauren is the founder of Resonate Coaching. As the principal at Resonate, Lauren works with clients ranging from TED speakers to start-up founders to high-level executives, helping them achieve more powerful public speaking and interpersonal communication skills.  

Prior to her current work, Lauren served as a communication strategist for high level teams at Fortune 500 companies and worked with Santa Clara County in their mediation and communication skills training program.  

Lauren received her J.D. from Stanford Law School and her B.A. in psychology from Stanford University. She’s also a certified leadership development coach through the Coaches Training Institute. 

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You are unique! 

g-f(2)669, Exploit your treasure with your g-f PDT and grow without limits! 

  1. There is a wonderful g-f New World. “The Big Picture of the Digital Age” teaches us that we live in a wonderful New World ("genioux facts" (g-f) New World), unknown by the vast majority, colonized by global leadersg-f(2)505g-f(2)641g-f(2)649g-f(2)622g-f(2)664
  2. There is a fabulous treasure tailor-made for you. The g-f New World offers you a fabulous treasure tailored to you, to each group, community, company, organization, town, city, state, country, region and the world in general. g-f(2)649g-f(2)571g-f(2)582g-f(2)593g-f(2)620g-f(2)622g-f(2)664 
  3. And your Personal Digital Transformation (PDT) by when? The fabulous treasure opens the way to amazing transformations to grow without limits. Each person can wisely exploit the treasure with a "genioux facts" Personal Digital Transformation (g-f PDT) that can be potentially wonderful and disruptive. You are unique! Exploit the treasure and grow without limits. g-f(2)620g-f(2)540g-f(2)622g-f(2)664

OPPORTUNITY, geniouxfacts 

g-f(2)649, The treasure of the digital age allows you everything: The dream is yours! 

      We live in a wonderful g-f New World, unknown by the vast majority, colonized by global leaders, which offers us a fabulous treasure tailored to each persong-f(2)505g-f(2)641

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      Opportunity, geniouxfacts

      g-f(2)505We live in a wonderful g-f New World, unknown by the vast majority, colonized by global leaders, which offers us a fabulous treasure tailored to you 

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      g-f(2)622 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (11/2/2021), geniouxfacts, Top "genioux facts" of ultra-condensed GK
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      Opportunity, geniouxfacts

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      Opportunity, geniouxfacts

      g-f(2)519, Learn in “genioux facts” The Virtuous Circle of Managing Yourself in the g-f New World 

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