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g-f(2)544 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (10/6/2021), MIT Technology Review, DeepMind’s AI predicts almost exactly when and where it’s going to rain

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First protein folding, now weather forecasting: London-based AI firm DeepMind is continuing its run applying deep learning to hard science problems, MIT Technology Review

    • The firm worked with UK weather forecasters to create a model that was better at making short term predictions than existing systems.
    • In a blind comparison with existing tools, several dozen experts judged DGMR’s forecasts to be the best across a range of factors—including its predictions of the location, extent, movement, and intensity of the rain—89% of the time. The results were published in a Nature paper.
    • Forecasting rain, especially heavy rain, is crucial for a lot of industries, from outdoor events to aviation to emergency services. But doing it well is hard.

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                  The best existing forecasting techniques use massive computer simulations of atmospheric physics, MIT Technology Review

                    • These work well for longer-term forecasting but are less good at predicting what’s going to happen in the next hour or so, known as nowcasting. Previous deep-learning techniques have been developed, but these typically do well at one thing, such as predicting location, at the expense of something else, such as predicting intensity.
                    • The DeepMind team trained their AI on radar data. Many countries release frequent snapshots throughout the day of radar measurements that track the formation and movement of clouds. 

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                    The biggest takeaway here is that DeepMind is finally starting to tick off a bucket list of real-world science problems, MIT Technology Review

                    • To test the approach, the team asked 56 weather forecasters at the Met Office (who were not otherwise involved in the work) to rate DGMR in a blind comparison with forecasts made by a state-of-the-art physics simulation and a rival deep-learning tool; 89% said that they preferred the results given by DGMR.
                    • DeepMind’s collaboration with the Met Office is a good example of AI development done in collaboration with the end user, something that seems like an obviously good idea but often does not happen

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