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g-f(2)506 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (9/20/2021), geniouxfacts, Mahima Khatri and Sandeep Reddy analyze “Seven deadly sins of digital transformation”

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Opportunity, Seven deadly sins of digital transformation, Thoughtworks

    • Within the fabulous treasure of the digital age, containers of rare golden knowledge can be fished.
    • The article of Thoughtworks, Seven deadly sins of digital transformation, is a Full Pack Golden Knowledge Container because the following characteristics:
      • Describes some key reasons why digital transformation fails. 
        • According to McKinsey research, barely 16% percent of executives say their company’s digital transformation efforts are succeeding.
        • This blog looks at some examples of these failures in digital transformation journeys and presents them using the analogy of the seven deadly sins or cardinal vices – pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth.
      • Recommends how leaders should sustainably build a modern and resilient digital business in tough times.
        • Our recommendation is to identify the right balance between business viability, user desirability and technical feasibility.
        • Building resilience amidst the digital disruption, requires enterprises to:
          • Think big - connect strategy with execution
          • Focus on delivering value - build and measure what matters
          • Move fast - use lean and agile principles to move quickly and improve cycle time

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    Opportunity, Adopt a digital-first mindset and self awareness, Thoughtworks
    • As enterprise leadership teams take stock, adapt and create resilience in response to the next normal, our guideline is to adopt a digital-first mindset and self awareness that will help leaders steer clear of the seven deadly sins.
    Opportunity, Key characteristics of a digital mindset, Thoughtworks
    • Customer value focus drives all operations
    • A test and learn culture weaves an experimental mindset
    • Responsive to market shifts
    • Technology is at the core of the business strategy
    • Structures and governance enable speed
    • Strategic uses of information assets fuel decision making
    • Outcome aligned organization value measures, funding and structures align to outcomes

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