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g-f(2)502 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (9/18/2021), geniouxfacts, A Forbes article is a “Full Pack Golden Knowledge Container”

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"g-f" fishing of golden knowledge (GK) of the fabulous treasure of the digital age, Digital transformation“Full Pack Golden Knowledge Container” (9/18/2021)  g-f(2)426 

Opportunity, “Full Pack Golden Knowledge Container”, geniouxfacts
    • Within the fabulous treasure of the digital age, containers of rare golden knowledge can be fished.
    • The article of Forbes, Digital Transformation Is Only The Beginning: A Company’s Journey, is a Full Pack Golden Knowledge Container because the following characteristics:
    • Describes a brilliant business transformation. 
        • Viessmann Group, a family-owned company, based in Germany with 13,000 employees across 75 countries, is transforming itself from manufacturing to digital services provider.
        • Initiatives underway include the provisioning of smart devices that communicate health and status from customers’ homes or offices to Viessmann’s monitoring services, research and development into systems that employ alternative energy sources such as hydrogen or solar, and other green initiatives.
      • Business transformation is multidisciplinary and well founded.
        • Viessmann supports a constellation of venture capital units – VC/O — that supports the growth of emerging technology companies and technology ventures.
        • Viessmann incubates a lot of business models outside of our core, but still related to the core. This includes investing in artificial intelligence and quantum computing ventures.
        • They invest in companies that are highly disruptive to their base, and to other industries.

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      Opportunity, Viessmann’s investments cover two main areas – deep technology, and clean energy, with a philosophy of investing in base technologies as they emerge, then building specific solutions on top of those technologies over time, Forbes
      • Areas of investment include the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial and machine intelligence, frontier tech hardware, enterprise software, distributed ledger technology, cyber security, augmented and virtual reality, and autonomous systems.

      Opportunity, The transformation of the corporate culture, Forbes
      • Digital transformation has not only meant providing digital services to customers, but also transforming the company’s corporate culture. Employees are encouraged to develop ideas which often make their way to piloting and production.
      • Businesses need leaders to seek to achieve sustainability and greater purpose. 

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