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g-f(2)483 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (9/9/2021), BLoC, Artificial Intelligence will be integrated into all disciplines

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Opportunity, Artificial Intelligence will be integrated into all disciplines, BLoC 
  • Artificial intelligence was originally conceived as an engineering task. 
  • It has now become an important element of all kinds of business and government work, and an integral part of our everyday lives and a variety of jobs. 
  • AI education is valuable not only in the fields of computer science and engineering, but also in other sciences, both natural and social, even in the humanities such as the study of literature, history, politics, and in the creative and performing arts. 
  • Many educational institutions around the world have decided to integrate AI education into all their offerings, from engineering to business, and the sciences to the humanities, and even the arts.
      Opportunity, AI will become an essential element of all education, BLoC
      • As AI infiltrates more and more into all aspects of the modern world, it will be incorporated into all academic disciplines and will become an essential element of all education, like mathematics, language, and science.
        Opportunity, AI has already found applications in many non-traditional areas, BLoC
        • Art historians are using machine learning to provide empirical support for the attribution of paintings to artists. 
        • AI is already an indispensable part of large-scale science, such as radio-telescope scanning of the skies, the analysis of particle accelerator output, and DNA and protein sequencing.
        • Recently AI researchers have designed algorithms to prove mathematical theorems, AI algorithms have defeated the best human Go players and poker players. 
        • An AI expert and a dance choreographer teamed up to design an AI that can not only learn a dancer’s style but also create its own choreography. 
        • Historians are using AI to restore or recreate archaeological artefacts from photos of fragments.
              Opportunity, Innovative combination of courses, BLoC
              • This large-scale expansion of the role of AI beyond just engineering has led to its being incorporated into many different disciplines. For instance, Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, US, one of the world’s leading centres of AI research and education, has integrated instruction in AI and technology into the entire MBA programme at its Tepper School of Business. 
              • An even more ambitious example is provided by Colby College, an elite liberal arts college in Maine, US. Colby has set up a new AI institute that plans to make AI instruction part of nearly all disciplines, from computer science to English literature, in addition to specialised degree programmes and research in the field of AI itself. 

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                Opportunity, AI has found unconventional applications in many non-traditional areas such as dance, music, and poetry, BLoC

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