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Opportunity, The cloud has become the de facto platform for digital transformation, CIO
  • No technology has helped businesses mitigate the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic more than the public cloud, which companies are using to deliver new employee and customer experiences.
  • The cloud has become the de facto platform on which companies transform themselves, fueling business agility, digital products, and data strategies to keep pace with swiftly evolving markets.
  • Proof of the technology’s value lies in IT’s investment in it, as worldwide spending on public cloud services will hit $396 billion in 2021 and grow 21.7% to $482 billion in 2022, according to research Gartner released in August.
    Opportunity, IT leaders and cloud experts share their experiences, insights, and lessons learned in making the most of the public cloud, CIO
    1. Fueling home improvement. 
      • Google Cloud’s ability to scale with demand has been particularly useful for The Home Depot in 2020, as the company notched 86% growth in digital sales amid the pandemic and launched new services.
    2. Modernizing a pharmaceutical firm. 
      • To ensure consumers can procure its pharmaceuticals more easily, Gilead Sciences is executing several business transformations in the cloud.
    3. Empowering staff via the cloud. 
      • Assisted by partners Deloitte and TCS, Nielsen separated seven global data centers and cloned SAP instances as it migrated to S/4 HANA in the cloud.
    4. Insuring the business of insurance. 
      • Insurance company Nationwide is moving more than 850 applications — roughly a third of its total portfolio — to AWS, including claims, personal, and commercial insurance policy systems, as well as its flagship website.

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                      Opportunity, The cloud is essential for digital transformation, CIO
                      • “Organizations are advancing their timelines on digital business initiatives and moving rapidly to the cloud in an effort to modernize environments, improve system reliability, support hybrid work models, and address other new realities compelled by the pandemic,” says Gartner analyst Brandon Medford.
                      • Fast forward to 2021 and the companies have expanded their cloud partnership, with The Home Depot participating in alpha and beta programs for new products fueled by Google Cloud, Carrie Tharp, vice president of retail and consumer business for Google Cloud, says.

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