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Opportunity, Seven pivots for government’s digital transformation, Deloitte
  • The pandemic has accelerated government’s digital transformation efforts. Our survey of government officials globally reveals where their digital priorities now lie, how far most governments still have to go, and what it’ll take to get there.
  • Becoming a truly digital government requires the development of a broad array of assets and capabilities, which we term digital pivots, enumerated in figure 4. 
    Opportunity, What “being digital” looks like for government, Deloitte
    • Before the pandemic, agencies were primarily “doing digital”—that is, leveraging digital technologies to enhance their capabilities but still largely relying on legacy operating models. COVID-19 propelled many governments into the next stage of digital transformation. Seventy-seven percent of government agencies say that digital transformation initiatives pushed during the pandemic are already having a positive impact on their organization. 
    • They’re “becoming digital,” doing the work to embed digital technologies and processes deeper into their organizations. 
    • Even with all the progress, more work is required to truly “be digital.” When government organizations reach this stage, they’ll use technologies such as AI, cyber, and cloud to elevate the human experience and radically transform service delivery and back-office operations. 
    • At the heart of digital transformation is moving from ad hoc application of digital to designing and implementing digital technologies so that they are embedded across the organization and in its DNA.

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                    Study methodology
                    • This study is based on a survey of more than 800 government executives across eight countries with varied sectors and levels of governments (see Appendix). The survey also included 2,000 executives from the private sector sampled across industries.
                    • Qualifying responses came from organizations with at least US$100 million in annual revenue and headcount greater than 500. Respondents also had to indicate they were “very” or “highly” knowledgeable of their organizations’ digital transformations.
                    • We analyzed these responses to understand the digital maturity of organizations sampled. Respondents were asked to rate the degree to which their organization experienced a positive business impact from each of the seven digital pivots. Responses for each pivot were summed together to score their aggregate impact, with higher scores indicating greater maturity. Organizations were then partitioned into high, medium, or low maturity according to a normal distribution.


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                    ABOUT THE AUTHORS

                    William D. Eggers

                    Executive director

                    Bill is the executive director of Deloitte Services LP’s Center for Government Insights where he is responsible for the firm’s public sector thought leadership. His latest book is Delivering on Digital: The Innovators and Technologies that are Transforming Government (Deloitte Insights, 2016). His eight other books include The Solution Revolution: How Government, Business, and Social Enterprises are Teaming up to Solve Society’s Biggest Problems (Harvard Business Review Press 2013). The book, which The Wall Street Journal calls “pulsating with new ideas about civic and business and philanthropic engagement,” was named to ten best books of the year lists. His other books include The Washington Post best seller If We Can Put a Man on the Moon: Getting Big Things Done in Government (Harvard Business Press, 2009), Governing by Network (Brookings, 2004), and The Public Innovator’s Playbook (Deloitte Research 2009). He coined the term Government 2.0 in a book by the same name. His commentary has appeared in dozens of major media outlets including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post.

                    Jason Manstof

                    Principal | Monitor Deloitte

                    Jason currently leads Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Government & Public Services (GPS) Strategy & Analytics (S&A) practice, comprised of 2,100+ passionate strategy and analytics practitioners located across the country. GPS S&A collaborates with federal agencies, state and local governments, and higher education institutions to bring integrated strategy, advanced analytics, and cognitive solutions and data assets to bear on clients’ most critical mission challenges. In leading the S&A practice, Jason is actively driving our continued rapid growth, delivering the #1 talent experience to our practice, and fostering a cohesive culture that builds and gives back to our broader communities. A core tenet of the GPS S&A practice, and one of Jason’s personal drivers, is helping clients unlock the value of data and AI to make key strategic choices and transform in the face of unprecedented disruption. His work with executives across the private sector and public sectors has helped improve mission effectiveness through data driven transformations. Recently, Jason was honored to receive the Service to the Citizen AwardTM as Industry Executive of the Year. Jason is a proud University of Florida Gator, having received his BS in Decision and Information Services, followed by an MS in Management of Information Technology from the University of Virginia. He currently lives in Washington, DC.

                    Pankaj Kamleshkumar Kishnan

                    Researcher | Deloitte Services LP

                    Pankaj of Deloitte Services LP is a researcher with the Deloitte Center for Government Insights. He specializes in emerging trends in technology and their impact on the public sector.

                    Jean Barroca

                    Senior Manager

                    Jean Barroca joined Deloitte Portugal in 2018, where he has been working with cities globally to support smart city and future of mobility initiatives. Before joining Deloitte, Barroca worked with the World Bank in the Latin America and Caribbean and African regions on smart cities, mobility, and open data. He was also part of the World Bank Innovation Labs team in Washington.

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