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  • The first global digital transformation survey conducted among 100 C-level marketing executives in the US, LATAM, and European regions focus on 3 industries: pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and technology.
  • On a DX maturity scale of 1-5, the global average was 2.87, while the most common answer given by business leaders was 3 out of 5. 
  • Below are the recorded values for the maturity of digital transformation strategy across different regions and industries.
              Opportunity, The Digital Gap is the difference in digital adoption speed between consumers and companies, The Keenfolks
              • In the short term, companies that fail to match the speed of the consumer leave themselves open to disruption from more competitive solutions. In the long run, they face irrelevance.
                                        Lessons learned, The challenge of testing, failure, experimentation, and continual learning, The Keenfolks
                                        • While most companies focus on technological changes, it is important to understand that this process entails cultural change. Companies need to embrace the challenge of testing, failure, and continual learning. Experimentation is vital.
                                        • With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing adaptation, companies have needed to adapt to changes in consumer behavior and preferences quickly. The pressing need to transform has become a matter of survival.
                                        • In today’s rapidly evolving world, top executives in the pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and technology sectors cite a common issue of not being able to match the pace of consumer behavioral change.
                                                      Alert, The main discovery of the study was that 3 out of 4 companies have seen digital acceleration during Covid-19, although only less than 30% of these companies were able to calculate the ROI of this digital transformation. 

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                                                        Opportunity, The purpose of the survey, The Keenfolks
                                                        • The purpose of the survey was to uncover insight on the size of the Digital Gap and the state of Digital Transformation, Big Data & AI, and automation in global companies.
                                                        • With the speed of consumer digital adoption outpacing companies in every region and sector, a Digital Gap has opened up. Covid-19 has been a catalyst for change in consumer behavior, making the gap wider than ever before.

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                                                        Digital Gap 2021, 2021 ANNUAL REPORT ON DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, September 2, 2021, The Keenfolks.

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