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Opportunity, Real digital transformation, Bizcommunity
  • Real digital transformation is about shifting mindsets across the organisation, rather than just forcing technology on people. By taking the latter approach, organisations risk missing out on the biggest benefit of digital transformation – improved customer experience. 
  • A study by Kony Inc, covering digital transformation across a number of verticals, found that despite nearly $5tn in overall investment, only one in five consumers reported any significant improvement in the experiences received.
Alert, Too easy to mistake digital transformation, Bizcommunity
  • Most companies today understand the need for digital transformation, but it can be all too easy to mistake digital transformation for simply adopting and implementing technology. Additionally, legacy back-end systems - and the cost to replace them - can hold companies back from making future-focused decisions, or changes that will improve the customer experience (CX).  
Opportunity, How can organisations ensure that technology doesn’t stand in the way of digital transformation?, Bizcommunity
  • People must inform the digital transformation strategy
  • Get the data right
  • Technology as an enabler
  • Buy-in and better CX

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Opportunities, People must inform the digital transformation strategy, Bizcommunity
  • One way is to ensure that the correct professionals are involved in the digital transformation process from the outset.
  • Alongside CX experts, customers also need to be deeply entrenched in the digital transformation process. Customers are, after all, the best source of information and can add considerable value in schooling brands on ways in which they should improve their business offerings.

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Greg Gatherer (In) is an account manager at Liferay. 

Focused on driving digital experience solutions into businesses for true digital transformation resulting in optimized customer and employee experiences.

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