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g-f(2)542 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (10/5/2021), IEEE Spectrum, Microsoft Predicts Weather for Individual Farms

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Microsoft Predicts Weather for Individual Farms, IEEE Spectrum

    • Researchers at Microsoft have developed a framework called DeepMC that can very accurately predict local weather, and could be used by farmers, renewable energy producers, and others.  
    • DeepMC works by training an AI to precisely find the error between the local weather forecast and the micro-climate weather conditions. 
    • DeepMC is more accurate than any other comparable model.
    • Microsoft researchers say the DeepMC framework could be useful for applications beyond local weather prediction. This is because the framework is generic—it works for many types of data.

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                  Opportunity, Machine learning and artificial intelligence to localize predications related to weather and climate, IEEE Spectrum

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                    Opportunity, Microsoft Research wants to make the framework as accessible as possible, IEEE Spectrum

                    • The system uses historical data on both weather forecasts and local sensor data for training, and predicts each weather parameter, like temperature and wind speed, individually. The system also uses a method called decomposition to find both short-term and long-term trends and patterns in weather data, which Kumar says makes it even more accurate.
                    • Microsoft Research wants to make the framework as accessible as possible, adding that just under 1,000 people and businesses around the world have already used it. In another study presented to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and co-authored with farmer and DeepMC user Andrew Nelson, the researchers presented the framework as sustainable and affordable.

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