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Artificial intelligence brings better hurricane predictions, PHYS.ORG 

  • To explore the model's predictive power, the team conducted tests to simulate a real-time operational forecast. 
  • The new technique reduced intensity prediction errors by as much as 22 percent when compared to conventional models.
  • The new technique takes significantly less computing power than many other models—so little that it can run on a commercial laptop, bringing access to those who don't work with high-performance computers.
  • This work was supported by PNNL's Deep Learning for Scientific Discovery Science Agile Investment, as well as the MultiSector Dynamics program area of DOE's Office of Science. Additional support was provided by the Regional and Global Model Analysis program area within the Office of Science. The model code applied within the study is available for public use. The authors plan to share the model's output with other groups in collaborative hurricane research.
  • The study, "Deep Learning Experiments for Tropical Cyclone Intensity Forecasts," in which this model is described, was published in the August issue of Weather and Forecasting, a journal of the American Meteorological Society.

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      Artificial intelligence might eventually write this article, THEVERGE 

        • GPT-3 is turning AI into idea generators and writers.
        • I hope my headline is an overstatement, purely for job purposes, but in this week’s Vergecast artificial intelligence episode, we explore the world of large language models and how they might be used to produce AI-generated text in the future. Maybe it’ll give writers ideas for the next major franchise series, or write full blog posts, or, at the very least, fill up websites with copy that’s too arduous for humans to do.
        • Anyway, toward the end of the episode, I chat with James Vincent, The Verge’s AI and machine learning senior reporter, who calms me down and helps me understand what the future of text-generation AI might be. 

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        g-f(2)524 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (9/28/2021), HBR, AI Adoption Skyrocketed Over the Last 18 Months

        • Fifty-two percent of companies accelerated their AI adoption plans because of the Covid crisis, a study by PwC finds. Just about all, 86%, say that AI is becoming a “mainstream technology” at their company in 2021. Harris Poll, working with Appen, found that 55% of companies reported they accelerated their AI strategy in 2020 due to Covid, and 67% expect to further accelerate their AI strategy in 2021.
        • In the wake of the crisis, close to three-quarters of business leaders (72%) feel positive about the role that AI will play in the future, a survey by The AI Journal finds. Most executives (74%) not only anticipate AI will deliver more efficient make business processes, but also help to create new business models (55%) and enable the creation of new products and services (54%).
        • In Cognizant’s latest quarterly Jobs of the Future Index, there will be a “strong recovery” for the U.S. jobs market this coming year, especially those involving technology. AI, algorithm, and automation jobs saw a 28% gain over the previous quarter.


        The National Gallery’s Prized Peter Paul Rubens Painting Is Actually a Fake, New Artificial Intelligence Testing Has Found, Artnet 

          • Some critics have questioned the painting's authorship for decades.
          • A series of tests using artificial intelligence have found that the Peter Paul Rubens masterpiece Samson and Delilah (ca. 1609/10) at the National Gallery in London is most likely a fake.
          • After comparing the work against 148 uncontested Rubens paintings, the algorithm came to the “astonishing” conclusion that there was a 91 percent chance that the it was inauthentic.
          • The A.I. was powered by a “convolutional neural network” that analyzed brushstroke patterns and other aspects of Rubens’s known work and compared them to the National Gallery painting, the authorship of which has long been the subject of controversy.

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