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How Johnson Controls is going ‘digital to the core’, CIO 
    • As the multinational conglomerate transforms to bring cutting-edge digital products and services to customers, CIO Diane Schwarz ensures that it is digital on the inside as well.
    • As Johnson Controls expands its focus from manufacturing HVAC, fire detection, and building controls products to providing predictive analytics and smart facilities, Johnson’s end-to-end processes, says CIO Diane Schwarz, must be “digital to the core.”
    • “Historically, we manufactured, installed, and serviced items,” says Schwarz, who has been CIO of the $22 billion global company since 2020. “But we are making the transition to subscription services to support the products we sell. The shift from a one-time sale to a subscription focus changes all of the dynamics of the company.”

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    Opportunity, Leveraging the cloud and self-service IT, CIO 
      • To deliver the analytics to support the business’s new predictive maintenance and IoT-based services line, CTO Vijay Sankaran is driving the shift to a platform architecture with a common set of APIs.
      • For Schwarz and her team, the focus is on providing the entire process ecosystem, including sales, billing, and customer support to the changing business. 

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      Opportunity, Culture and behaviors are the more critical change, CIO 
        • But as important as modernized systems are to making Johnson Controls digital to the core, Schwarz sees culture and behaviors as the more critical change. “The biggest transformation challenge is human,” she says. “We are encouraging our leaders to embrace self-serve technologies. We want them to try out low code and RPA development models and a fail-fast culture. We are changing from a culture of analyzing a new technology so that it will never break the enterprise to a proof-of-concept approach, so that we can anticipate a constantly changing marketplace.”

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