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g-f(2)513 The Big Picture of the Digital Age (9/23/2021), Forbes, Why The Era Of Digital Transformation Is Important For Companies Of All Sizes

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Why The Era Of Digital Transformation Is Important For Companies Of All Sizes, Forbes 
    • The era of digital transformation is here for companies of all sizes and types, from Fortune 500s to startups.
    • The term refers to companies leveraging enhanced technology to improve their business capabilities, operational efficiencies and ultimately, their customers’ experiences. If companies approach digital transformation in a structured, timely way, they can gain benefits that could give them an improved competitive advantage.

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    Opportunity, Reducing Time To Market, Forbes 
      • When companies undergo a digital transformation, they could reduce the time it takes to get their products or services to market.
      Opportunity, Improving Solution Quality, Forbes 
        • Digital transformations can also improve solution quality along the way with manageable, incremental product releases.
        Opportunity, Revolutionizing Culture In A Positive Way, Forbes 
          • When companies invest in a digital transformation, they’re signing up for a significant, impactful initiative that can positively support their customers and employees.

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          Opportunity, How Companies Can Start Accomplishing Digital TransformationForbes 
            • The path to a digital transformation will look different for every company because every company has unique needs and goals. However, foundationally, a key component to a digital transformation includes transitioning to an Agile mindset. 
            • When companies manage their projects with agility, they can deliver incremental, high-value, continuous solutions to their customers — while building happier, more productive teams internally and gaining the benefits of improving operational efficiencies every step of the way!

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            Deanna M. Laster (InWebsite) is a native Houstonian with an extensive background in personal development, project management, education, and technology. She started her professional career in information technology and progressed into business consulting making her mark as a proven leader implementing and managing technology portfolios of global distributed teams that deliver strategic business value for Fortune 500 clients. She shares her thought leadership on business and tech topics via speaking engagements and media. In addition to a strong commitment to servicing clients, Deanna believes in giving back. She founded SistersNBloom, a philanthropic foundation whose mission is to provide funding to women’s empowerment initiatives.

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