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Most Powerful Women, Fortune

    • The past 18 months have radically altered the course of women’s careers.
    • This year’s Most Powerful Women ranking illustrates that even those at the top of corporate America aren’t immune.
      • Five of the women in our top 10 became CEOs during the pandemic, thrown into the fire of leading in a period of extreme uncertainty. Rosalind Brewer and Thasunda Brown Duckett became two of the four Black women to ever run Fortune 500 companies.
      • For the first time, we have two women sharing a job and therefore a spot on the list, and our 2021 ranking also includes five newcomers. If there’s one thing we can learn from the women on this list, it’s that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.
    • The big news: We have a new No. 1—Karen Lynch, CEO of CVS Health. A host of factors rocketed Lynch into the top spot: she's the first-ever woman to lead such a massive company (CVS Health is No. 4 on the Fortune 500), she's guided CVS through its essential role administering COVID-19 tests and vaccines, and, as Fortune's Shawn Tully lays out in a new story published this morning, she has a bold new plan for transforming CVS into "a new front door for health care access," by converting hundreds of locations from retail to providers of primary care.
    • Lynch isn't the only shakeup to the top of the ranking. Indeed, five of our top 10 are relatively new CEOs, having stepped into the corner officer during the pandemic—that's a cohort that includes chief executives Jane Fraser (Citi), Carol Tomé (UPS), Roz Brewer (Walgreens Boots Alliance), Thasunda Brown Duckett (TIAA), and Lynch. 

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                Most Powerful Women, FORTUNE EDITORS, Contributors: Kristen Bellstrom, Emma Hinchliffe, Beth Kowitt, Megan Leonhardt, Michal Lev-Ram, Jessica Mathews, Sy Mukherjee, Lucinda Shen, Anne Sraders, Shawn Tully, Jonathan Vanian, Phil Wahba, and Claire Zillman, October 4, 2021, Fortune.

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                Opportunity, These 9 powerful women are ones to watch, Fortune

                • What will the Most Powerful Women list of the future look like? Here are some of the names we expect to see a lot more of in the coming years.
                  1. Aicha Evans, CEO, Zoox. The first Black woman to run a self-driving–car company had a big 2020: She sold the startup to Amazon and unveiled an electric robotaxi.
                  2. Fama Francisco, CEO, Baby, Feminine, and Family Care, P&G. The former MPW international lister, who runs a $19 billion operation, moved to the U.S.
                  3. Neela Montgomery, President, CVS Pharmacy, EVP, CVS Health. With a P&L of about $90 billion, her CVS business is bigger than that of many Fortune 500s.
                  4. Dawn Ostroff, Chief Content and Ad Business Officer, Spotify. The longtime TV exec is driving Spotify’s massive bets on podcasts and other audio content.
                  5. Vanessa Pappas, COO, TikTok. After serving as interim CEO until April, Pappas is settling into her role as COO and U.S.-based face of the booming platform.

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                Opportunity, CVS Health is about to turn hundreds of its drugstores into health care super-clinics, Fortune

                • CVS Health CEO Karen Lynch took the No. 1 spot on Fortune‘s 2021 Most Powerful Women list.
                • The CEO who’s pledging to reshape the way health care is delivered in America is unveiling her biggest Big Idea yet.
                • On Feb. 1, Karen Lynch became the chief at CVS Health, the fourth-biggest company in the country—and the largest in health care, America’s biggest and in many ways most backward industry. She started fast with a daring gambit: putting CVS at the heart of the pandemic response, as a hub for COVID tests and vaccines. Tens of millions of people who visited their nearby CVS saw for the first time that they could also get a cholesterol screening or full physical inside those same four walls, without waiting weeks to see a doctor in a faraway office park.

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