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g-f(2)530 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (9/30/2021), Forbes, Artificial Intelligence: Poised To Transform The Massive Construction Industry

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Opportunity, Forbes

AI is poised to play a critical role in the transformation of the construction industry, Forbes.
    • AI is still in the early phases when it comes to the construction industry. But given the advances in this technology and the innovative ways to collect data, the prospects look bright for digital transformation.  
    • “AI can help reduce or remove a very real tech barrier when working on one-off, bespoke projects,” said Paul Donnelly, who is the marketing director for engineering, procurement and construction for AspenTech.  “By sorting through and leveraging data from previous projects and industry standards, AI can help streamline the tech set up for each new project. This makes the use of newer tech in construction viable compared to when the tech has to be set up manually for each project.”

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            Opportunity, AI opens the way to significant advantages in the construction industry, Forbes

            • “AI can compute massive volumes of data that traditional approaches have not been able to previously,” said Vamshi Rachakonda, who is the Vice President and Sales Lead for Manufacturing, Auto and Life Sciences at Capgemini Americas. “This is especially true for processing and mining unstructured data such as photos, videos, and text and converting them to insights and intelligence.”

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            Opportunity, AI opens the way to significant advantages in the construction industry, Forbes

            • “Most of the current reports and dashboards are being used to focus on ‘what has happened’ or ‘what is happening’ on projects, typically after an event or task has occurred,” said Venkatasubramanian.  “But with AI, you can ask ‘what might happen?’ This can be a total game-changer when done right, as it has the potential to help deliver projects ahead of time, improve profit margins, and reduce risks significantly.”

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