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Active learning: “Hands-on” meets “minds-on”, AAAS

    • Growing bodies of research and practice, from early childhood to university classrooms and beyond, demonstrate the benefits of moving beyond traditional lecture-driven approaches in favor of “active learning.”  
    • Such approaches put students more in the driver’s seat through discussions, in-class questions, and feedback; interactive technologies; and other strategies to engage learners and deepen understanding.
    • There is no single active-learning approach. We see a rich and developing portfolio of methods and ideas supporting different ways to produce more effective learning.

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              Opportunity, AI from the screen into the physical world, AAAS

              • Improving science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teaching is crucial for improving STEM learning. Yet teacher training improvements progress slowly.
              • Many elementary teachers typically do not have the background or curriculum materials to teach science from an inquiry perspective.
              • Addressing these challenges, we have been developing mixed-reality Intelligent Science Stations (see to engage children in active, inquiry-based experimentation and learning experiences in the physical world while providing interactive guidance that supports teachers as well as students.


              • Children perform and interpret real-world experiments in a given physical apparatus (e.g., an earthquake table, ramps, a balance scale). Artificial intelligence (AI) computer vision algorithms reconstruct the physical scene and provide input to pedagogical algorithms that track the children’s progress and provide adaptive, automated feedback to guide them in scientific inquiry, producing a powerful form of active-learning support. An engaging virtual helper can “see” what children are doing and provide assistance accordingly, as they work collaboratively.
              • These intelligent stations support more equitable access to high-quality learning by being available to children from diverse backgrounds in museums, schools, Head Start programs, and Boys and Girls Clubs, providing adaptive support to children even if they do not have a knowledgeable parent, teacher, or museum staffer to guide them. In addition to direct active-learning support, these stations also provide an example of effective active-learning techniques that teachers and mentors can use in other contexts.


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              Opportunity, Active learning in the community, AAAS

              • Growing consensus suggests that humans learn best when they are active (not passive) and engaged (not distracted), when material to be learned is meaningful (not disjointed), and when it occurs in a socially interactive context that is iterative (not merely repetitive) and fun.
              • With only 20% of a child’s waking time spent in school, the transformation of public spaces into playful learning spaces can heighten educational opportunities beyond the classroom while being accessible, equitable, and culturally sensitive for all.
              • One such Playful Learning Landscape project, Urban Thinkscape, transformed a bus stop in West Philadelphia by designing activities that children can do while they and their families wait for the bus.
              • Thus far, 10 installations have been studied in cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago, and Santa Ana (see 


              Opportunity, Developing executive functioning through less-structured time, AAAS

              • Children’s learning and achievement are tied to their executive functioning, a collection of cognitive skills that develop across childhood and support a wide range of goal-directed behaviors, including planning ahead, focusing amid distractors, adaptively shifting from one activity to another, and inhibiting impulses.
              • Active learning, where children practice or explore rather than just listen or watch, is critical to the development of executive functioning.
              • Children who spend more time in less-structured activities show better executive function, after controlling for socioeconomic factors.


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