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Small Teams: How To Fit Your Digital Transformation Into One Room, Forbes 

Part 3 of our digital transformation series: why the greatest progress is often made by the smallest teams
  • One of the greatest impediments to digital transformation efforts isn’t the lack of time, people, or budget–rather, it’s too many people.
  • Digital transformation is as much about executing efficiently as it is about learning and iterating quickly.  
  • Admittedly, forming and maintaining small, cross-functional teams comes more easily to some organizations than to others. Cloud-native startups and software companies are usually adept at this, since they were built on small teams from day one. But for enterprises whose core business is something other than creating software, the key takeaway is that building your digital transformation team must be a deliberate effort, and should come before you write a single line of code. If you get this part right, everything that follows will be infinitely easier.
  • Starting small is the best way to begin any digital transformation journey and where you can start today.

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        Safe Space: How Psychological Safety Can Make Your Team More Effective, Forbes 

        Part 2 of our digital transformation series: how interpersonal risk is related to innovation
        • Psychological safety is as much about unlocking the full potential of your teams as it is about honestly recognizing the interdependent and uncertain nature of the challenge ahead.
        • Based on the research, we empirically know that teams with a culture that doesn’t ‘shoot the messenger’ but values learning and safety will have higher throughput—shorter lead times, increased deployment frequency, and better stability metrics.
        • So what does practicing psychological safety look like?
        • Harvard’s Edmondson suggests three exemplary behaviors:
          1. Frame the work as a learning problem and not an execution problem 
          2. Acknowledge your own fallibility
          3. Model curiosity and ask lots of questions 
        • And the earlier you can begin to model the Edmonson’s suggested behaviors, establish “golden rules” and ensure everyone can be seen and heard, the more natural it will feel, the easier it will be to maintain, and the greater success you will have on your digital transformation journey. 

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                      Big Digital Transformations Come In Small Packages, Forbes

                      Part 1 of our digital transformation series: keeping it simple is the best way to begin
                      • Starting small doesn’t mean doing something trivial. It means validating your ability to execute, arming you with evidence of success to fend off skeptics, and netting you additional resources to invest in bigger projects moving forward.
                      • And sometimes it can result in something truly innovative: just recently, a small team at a European insurance company used custom AI models and visual AI detection to rapidly prove within six weeks that a machine learning model for document analysis could double the speed of claims management, without compromising accuracy. With this early evidence of success in hand, they were then able to ask for the resources to roll it out in earnest. And if that’s not a great first step towards a larger digital transformation, we don’t know what is.
                      • For the vast majority of organizations, there’s more to be gained from starting small than you might think. Let’s take a look at why that is.
                        1. Challenge #1: Prove your ability to execute
                        2. Challenge #2: Mind the bystanders and the skeptics
                        3. Challenge #3: Work with what and whom you have

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