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The half empty glass of artificial intelligence, geniouxfacts

    • The half-full part of the glass of artificial intelligence is fabulous.
    • Strong criticism of artificial intelligence has recently been published.
    • From prestigious sources, without ignoring the important achievements of artificial intelligence, they have focused on delving into unsuccessful cases.
    • The wise thing is to take these criticisms into account and confront them with the cases that are going to be applied in an organization.

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                    • Today, even as AI is revolutionizing industries and threatening to upend the global labor market, many experts are wondering if today's AI is reaching its limits. 
                    • As Charles Choi delineates in "Seven Revealing Ways AIs Fail," the weaknesses of today's deep-learning systems are becoming more and more apparent. Yet there's little sense of doom among researchers. Yes, it's possible that we're in for yet another AI winter in the not-so-distant future. But this might just be the time when inspired engineers finally usher us into an eternal summer of the machine mind.
                    • The widening array of triumphs in deep learning have relied on increasing the number of layers in neural nets and increasing the GPU time dedicated to training them. One analysis from the AI research company OpenAI showed that the amount of computational power required to train the biggest AI systems doubled every two years until 2012—and after that it doubled every 3.4 months. As Neil C. Thompson and his colleagues write in "Deep Learning's Diminishing Returns," many researchers worry that AI's computational needs are on an unsustainable trajectory. To avoid busting the planet's energy budget, researchers need to bust out of the established ways of constructing these systems.
                    • The U.S. Army is particularly wary of relying on black-box systems, as Evan Ackerman describes in "How the U.S. Army Is Turning Robots Into Team Players," so Army researchers are investigating a variety of hybrid approaches to drive their robots and autonomous vehicles.
                    • Imagine if you could take one of the U.S. Army's road-clearing robots and ask it to make you a cup of coffee. That's a laughable proposition today, because deep-learning systems are built for narrow purposes and can't generalize their abilities from one task to another. 
                    • Although the current level of enthusiasm has earned AI its own Gartner hype cycle, and although the funding for AI has reached an all-time high, there's scant evidence that there's a fizzle in our future. Companies around the world are adopting AI systems because they see immediate improvements to their bottom lines, and they'll never go back. It just remains to be seen whether researchers will find ways to adapt deep learning to make it more flexible and robust, or devise new approaches that haven't yet been dreamed of in the 65-year-old quest to make machines more like us.


                    This article appears in the October 2021 print issue as "The Turbulent Past and Uncertain Future of AI."

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                    • According to a former Google executive, the singularity is coming. And, what’s more, he says that it poses a major threat to humanity.
                    • Mo Gawdat, formerly the Chief Business Officer for Google’s moonshot organization, which was called Google X at the time, issued his warning in a new interview with The Times. In it, he said that he believes that artificial general intelligence (AGI), the sort of all-powerful, sentient AI seen in science fiction like Skynet from “The Terminator,” is inevitable — and that once it’s here, humanity may very well find itself staring down an apocalypse brought forth by godlike machines.

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                    Opportunity, Researchers Warn Of ‘Dangerous’ Artificial Intelligence-Generated Disinformation At Scale, Breaking Defense

                    • Researchers at Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) are raising alarms about powerful artificial intelligence technology now more widely available that could be used to generate disinformation at a troubling scale.

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