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Google's DeepMind Artificial Intelligence Unit Is No Longer a Money Loser, The Motley Fool

    • On Tuesday, DeepMind said it made a $63 million pre-tax profit in 2020 — chiefly because revenue more than tripled to $1.1 billion.  
    • That revenue is up because DeepMind's costly research is starting to find practical applications. Like a Google Maps collaboration that used AI to improve arrival times on the service by 50%. And a feature on Google's Android Pie phone operating system that uses DeepMind's tech to save battery power.
    • Finally: hope for all the plucky little start-ups with the backing of a $1.7 trillion parent company.

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                  Artificial Brain Drain, The Motley Fool

                    • Google's DeepMind can predict almost exactly where and when it's going to rain, but for years, the artificial intelligence company couldn't figure out how to stop drowning in debt.
                    • DeepMind, which is likely the largest AI research operation in the world, has a very unique revenue model: it makes 100% of its money selling the technologies it develops to other subsidiaries of Alphabet, Google's parent company.
                    • But while Alphabet brought in $182.5 billion in revenue last year, DeepMind was hemorrhaging money for years — losing more in both 2018 and 2019 (about $680 million each year) than Google paid for it in 2014 ($545 million). Alphabet also wrote off $1.5 billion in DeepMind's debt in 2019.

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                    Alert, Costly research, The Motley Fool

                    • Big Brains, Big Bucks: DeepMind's costs are incredibly high because major tech companies are engaged in an all-out war to hire the top human minds in AI, which is still a relatively nascent field but could transform, well, everything. In 2020, DeepMind's staffing costs were $1 billion, up from around $977 million in 2020.
                    • Silicon Corleone: Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft are all said to have poached tenured university professors by offering them up to 10 times their academic salary — that's an offer few refuse.

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