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g-f(2)548 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (10/7/2021), MIT SMR, AI-at-Scale Hinges on Gaining a ‘Social License’

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AI-at-Scale Hinges on Gaining a ‘Social License’, MIT SMR

      • Currently, businesses planning to deploy AI are most concerned with obtaining an economic license to do so — that is, gaining support from shareholders and executives — and a legal license, in the form of regulatory permits and compliance with statutory obligations. 
      • But only when companies are able to earn a social license, winning the trust of employees, customers, and society at large, will they have what is required for the sustained use of AI at scale.
      • The Three Pillars of the Social License for AI
        • Winning a social license to deploy AI will require organizations to adhere to the principles of responsible AI design; ensure that all stakeholders perceive the benefits of using AI as greater than the costs; and demonstrate that they can be trusted and will be accountable.

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                          Why Responsible AI Isn’t Enough, MIT SMR

                            • Adhering to the concepts of responsible AI enables companies to develop AI technology that works for the good; it forces business to go beyond algorithmic fairness and bias to identify the technology’s potential effects on safety and privacy. However, following the doctrine of responsible AI has proved to be insufficient.
                            • Underlying the issue is the reality that while being trusted and being responsible may be related, they are distinct from each other. Responsibility may foster trust, but it can never be a substitute for it.

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                              The Foundations of Trust, MIT SMR

                              • Stakeholders’ trust in AI applications stem from three sources:
                                • Social contracts. Stakeholders must accept that companies that develop AI applications can be trusted with their use as well as with the acquisition of real-time data to feed their algorithms. 
                                • Benefits. Businesses’ perception that the advantages of using AI are greater than the costs of doing so must be widely shared by other stakeholders. 
                                • Responsibility. If companies are to be answerable to society, they must be able to justify how their AI algorithms work.

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