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The human is, at least for the foreseeable future, the key to successfully applying AI, Forbes

      • We’re accountable for any technology deployed, particularly one that is both as complex and ambitious in its reach as AI.    
      • As The Economist noted in its recent summary about AI trends: “AI can do a lot. But it works best when humans are there to hold its hand.”
      • Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a red-hot topic, with record levels of investment in “AI” companies and promises of capabilities that will revolutionize our lives. Many are puzzling through how AI can add value, and a growing number of vendors claim to be “AI-powered.” Given the buzz and rush to wrap the mantle of AI around any new technology, it makes sense to ask the basic question, “What exactly is AI?”

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                          A brilliant freehand flowchart on artificial intelligence created through the good use of general human intelligence, Forbes

                            • It’s the broad capabilities that involve higher-order compound intelligence that makes the difference. Karen Hao’s freehand flow chart offers a great visual of the distinction that emerges around these more complex cognitive capabilities. One of the key elements is that AI does more than just capture data and perform a predetermined task. A camera cannot identify an object, and optical character recognition (OCR) cannot read a document. AI goes a step beyond this by applying some degree of “intelligence” to interpret the data and offer a next level of insight. But that’s still short of a far more complex and elusive element of human intelligence.

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                              We are the ones defining the problems to solve, the data to use and the approach to take, Forbes

                              • Human intelligence enables us to capture knowledge, apply it in context and to relationships (the reasoning of “this causes that”) and learn in an iterative loop. This is the big prize of artificial “general” intelligence and the promise that powers the hopes (and fears) of a true revolution in how machines change our lives.
                              • But the current state of AI still represents what is known as Moravec’s paradox: What’s easy for machines is hard for people — and vice versa. 
                              • There’s a fundamental element of AI that is critical to understand. AI can replicate some of the elements of human intelligence but, as with humans, needs relevant external information to form a point-of-view. In this sense, all AI is knowledge-dependent, and the way in which it handles this dependency is important. For example, Machine Learning (ML) is “trained” on representative data, building and refining solutions over time with more data. That makes solutions sensitive to the type, availability and quality of the data and to any changes that occur in the real world.
                              • AI is a broad category, encompassing different techniques, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Fortunately, there’s a growing and healthy realism about the limitations of some of AI’s dominant trends across elements of performance, cost, transparency and complexity.
                              • At the most fundamental level, this is where our intelligence drives the real-world likelihood of AI making a difference. We are the ones defining the problems to solve, the data to use and the approach to take. 
                              • We’re the ones who live with the consequences of how we deploy AI, from basic requirements of fairness and transparency to more profound ones about whether we should even be using AI. 

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