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Five Creative Ways To Lead A Digital Transformation, Forbes

      • Digital transformation is about people and not about technology.
      • Unfortunately, this view remains highly optimistic as the success rate for digital transformation projects continues to be abysmally low at less than 30%.   
      • The disruptions precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic have forced organizations to rethink their digital strategies and to transform or risk expiration.
      • Here are five ways to lead DX in these uncertain times: 
        1. Approach crisis as an opportunity
        2. Understand that people are just as important as technology
        3. Implement an integrated strategy that involves all parts of the organization
        4. To stay relevant, companies must focus on building digitally native cultures
        5. Successful transformation must be built upon a sustainable business model

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                          Approach crisis as an opportunity, Forbes

                            • “We knew that in every crisis, there is also an opportunity,” said Martín Migoya, CEO of digitally native company Globant. “We took advantage of the at-home time to better ourselves and learn new skills by launching a company-wide program to upskill and reskill our professionals so that we could serve our clients accordingly.” 

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                              Understand that people are just as important as technology, Forbes

                              • A digital transformation necessitates many changes, but arguably most important is ensuring that stakeholders are informed and aligned with your mission. “Companies need the latest technologies to empower their teams but also the right human capabilities, creativity, and innovative mindset to make the best out of them,” said Migoya. “Working on an integrated and holistic strategy, involving all parts of the organization, leads to success. In addition, organizations need to understand that these processes are not a one-off but a continuous improvement process.” Any company can embark on a digital transformation, but those that ensure their employees, investors, and customers are involved can sustain it through team collaboration, innovation, and agility.

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