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g-f(2)695 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (11/29/2021), Forbes, How Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Are Transforming The Future Of Renewable Energy

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AI And ML Are Transforming The Future Of Renewable Energy 

      • AI and machine learning have the potential to reshape the renewable energy industry completely. We are already seeing the differences it has made.  
      • In the upcoming years, these technologies are going to impact both power companies and consumers. Power companies will have a tool for better forecasting, management of grids and, most importantly, scheduling maintenance. For consumers, the impact will be in the form of interrupted green energy, as well as upfront updates about scheduled maintenance in the grid.

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          Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning In The Renewable Energy Industry

          Undoubtedly, renewable energy will be the future, but one major challenge associated with it is unpredictability. Renewable energy is primarily dependent on resources like sunlight, airflow and water. All of these resources are tied up with the weather, which is something humans can’t control. Artificial intelligence has helped in overcoming this challenge because it is a reliable tool for forecasting the weather.

          Grid Management
          Another critical aspect of a renewable energy system is grid management. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing a pivotal role in this area as well.

          No matter how well power grids are managed, there are times when they need maintenance. It is crucial to run the entire system efficiently. By leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, the specific part of the system that needs maintenance can be easily predicted.

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          Lessons learned, Forbes 

          • In the near future, AI is expected to benefit the renewable energy industry in many more ways. Suppose you are running a renewable energy-based power company and still not harnessing the power of AI and ML. It is better late than never to implement it. There are some platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, DeepMind and IBM Watson, that provide AI and ML solutions to the utilities industry. You can schedule a demonstration with one of these companies to see how you can integrate AI and ML with your current system to bring the most benefit and productivity to your company.

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