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Rethinking Assumptions About How Employees Work

      • A management meme of the last year asks, “Who led digital transformation in your company?” The answer is not the CEO or COO or CIO. It’s COVID-19.
      • While darkly funny, it highlights an important point. The pandemic unleashed unprecedented levels of change in the business environment.
      • It’s important to recognize that COVID-19 didn’t lead the transformation. People did. COVID-19 was an impetus and a lesson. It taught us that when we want to change, we can. We just have to want it — and need it — enough. The experiments made it possible to work in ways that organizations once felt customers wouldn’t accept — or that they as providers couldn’t execute.
      • Preparing for the post-pandemic era requires that leaders now weigh what’s possible and what’s not. This means thinking about more than just technological or organizational capabilities. It means asking what’s worth going after and what will be too hard. At its heart, it will require a radical rethinking of the assumptions that drive managerial decision-making and a change in mindset for leaders at all levels.

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      George Westerman (@gwesterman) is a senior lecturer with the MIT Sloan School of Management and principal research scientist for workforce learning in MIT’s Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab.

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      Lessons learned, MIT SMR

      • Organizations have implemented changes that once felt impossibly far off:
        • Working from home: While the pandemic upended many jobs that could be done only in person, such as waiting tables and working in retail stores, managers learned that many other roles could be done very effectively from home.
        • Teaching online: Schools shifted very quickly from in-person to remote or hybrid learning. For many young students and their families, it was difficult. But, particularly for adults, remote learning worked relatively well.
        • Remote health care: Doctors pivoted quickly to remote appointments. 

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      Five Assumptions About Employees That Demand Reconsideration

      Assumptions are a fundamental component of decision-making for people at all levels of an organization. In a complex world, assumptions provide a quickly accessible representation of how things work. They help establish boundaries about what should and should not be considered valid. They are a critical part of organizational culture, influencing individual behavior and helping to distinguish organizational right from wrong.
      • In this first of three articles, I lay out a set of assumptions about how employees work that may need rethinking in your business. In my next two articles, I will examine assumptions around the customer experience and digital transformation.
      1. Work Assumption 1: If people aren’t in the office, they’re not productive.
      2. Work Assumption 2: The same rules should apply to everybody.
      3. Work Assumption 3: We need to locate where the talent is.
      4. Work Assumption 4: When they’re working for me, they’re not working for anyone else.
      5. Assumption 5: Employees will work the way we tell them to.

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