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g-f(2)574 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (10/17/2021), ZDNet, Artificial intelligence's data problem meets AI's people problem

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Lessons learned, ZDNet

    Seth Dobrin, global chief AI officer at IBM
      • The lesson many enterprises have learned is that AI implementation "is not the field of dreams.“ 
      • "It is not a build-it-and-they-will-come effort. Successful AI implementation is human centered, tied to business strategy, has clear value-based success metrics and is trusted. When companies hit all four of these AI inevitably gets adopted, and then adds value.“
      • It takes a well-designed information architecture -- IA -- to ensure good AI.
      • "There is no AI without IA. Today's data landscape is hybrid and it is multicloud, the answer cannot be and is not centralize all data. The answer is AI is enabled by a data fabric that ensures privacy, compliance, and security at scale."
      • Collaboration is key to such efforts, as AI is a human-centered endeavor. "We've found that when AI deployments come solely from the business side, or the IT side, or the data management side, crucial insights are inevitably lost," Dobrin says. "When AI solutions are cobbled together and rushed into production, it becomes very difficult for business leaders and consumers alike to trust them."

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                The Big Picture of Business Artificial Intelligence (3/3/2021) in a Single “g-f KBP” Chart, geniouxfacts

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                • Most of the AI deployed today, while novel and impressive, still falls under a category of “specialized AI.”
                • Artificial general intelligence (AGI), the idea of a truly artificial human-like brain, remains a topic of deep research interest but a goal that experts agree is far in the future.
                • The ability to adapt to entirely novel situations is still an enormous challenge for AI and robotics, a key reason for companies’ continued reliance on human workers for a variety of tasks.
                • From a work perspective, these technologies tend to be task oriented, that is they execute limited sets of tasks, more than the full set of activities comprising an occupation.

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