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Peter Norvig: Today’s Most Pressing Questions in AI Are Human-Centered, Stanford HAI

      • Artificial intelligence expert Peter Norvig is joining the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI this fall as a Distinguished Education Fellow, with the task of developing tools and materials to explain the key concepts of artificial intelligence.
      • Norvig helped launch and build AI at organizations considered innovators in the field: As Google’s director of research, he oversaw the tech giant’s search algorithms and built the teams that focused on machine translation, speech recognition, and computer vision. At NASA Ames, his team created autonomous software that was the first to command a spacecraft, and served as a precursor to the current Mars rovers.
      • Norvig is also a well-known name in AI education. He co-wrote Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, an introductory textbook used by some 1,500 universities worldwide, and he’s taught hundreds of thousands of students through his courses on online education platform Udacity.
      • Peter Norvig: One way to think of AI is as a process of optimization — finding the course of action, in an uncertain world, that will result in the maximum expected utility. In the past, the interesting questions were around what algorithm is best for doing this optimization. Now that we have a great set of algorithms and tools, the more pressing questions are human-centered: Exactly what do you want to optimize? Whose interests are you serving? Are you being fair to everyone? Is anyone being left out? Is the data you collected inclusive, or is it biased?
      • Shana Lynch: Not everyone has access to classes at Stanford, UC Berkeley, or MIT. How do we broaden access to AI education?
      • Peter Norvig: I got involved in online education for just this reason: In 2010 Sebastian Thrun and I taught the intro AI class to Stanford students, and when in 2011 we were asked to teach it again, we thought that we should step up and try to reach a worldwide audience who couldn’t attend Stanford. In one sense this worked great, in that 100,000 students signed up and 16,000 completed the course. But in another sense the approach was still limited to a select group of highly self-motivated learners. The next challenge is to reach people who lack self-confidence, who don’t see themselves as capable of learning new things and being successful, who think of the tech world as being for others, not them. To do this takes more than just having great content in a course; we also need to foster a sense of community through peer-to-peer and mentor-to-learner relationships.

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                          The Big Picture of Business Artificial Intelligence (3/3/2021) in a Single “g-f KBP” Chart, geniouxfacts

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                          • Most of the AI deployed today, while novel and impressive, still falls under a category of “specialized AI.”
                          • Artificial general intelligence (AGI), the idea of a truly artificial human-like brain, remains a topic of deep research interest but a goal that experts agree is far in the future.
                          • The ability to adapt to entirely novel situations is still an enormous challenge for AI and robotics, a key reason for companies’ continued reliance on human workers for a variety of tasks.
                          • From a work perspective, these technologies tend to be task oriented, that is they execute limited sets of tasks, more than the full set of activities comprising an occupation.

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                                    AI in Its Current State Is Already Wonderful, geniouxfacts

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