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What Motivates Lifelong Learners, HBR 

  • Building on years of research on people’s motivations at work, we conducted a study of 1,300 full-time US front-line workers across 15 industries and multiple job levels to understand the mechanism at work when we saw extreme performance improvement.
  • We discovered that rather than fear, employees who learned and grew in this way tended to exhibit what we have called the passion of the explorer. This passion is a very powerful motivator for learning. (I explore it in much greater detail in my new book The Journey Beyond Fear.)
  • As we observed in the employees we studied, the passion of the explorer has three key elements:
    • Explorers have a long-term commitment to achieving impact in a specific domain that excites them — anything from factory work or financial services to gardening or big wave surfing.
    • They are excited in the face of unexpected challenges. Explorers view these hurdles as an opportunity to learn and achieve even greater impact. In fact, if they’re not confronted with enough challenges, they get bored and seek environments that will give them more.
    • When confronted with new challenges, explorers have an immediate desire to seek out and connect with others who can help them get to better answers faster so that they can increase their impact.

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Simply having employees participate in upskilling programs is not enough, HBR

  • Today, simply having employees participate in upskilling programs is not enough. These training programs are largely focused on sharing existing knowledge — skills that already exist. But in a rapidly changing world, existing knowledge quickly becomes obsolete. We need to broaden our definition of “learning” to include creating new knowledge. We need a marketer to experiment with new social media and analytics tools. We need a factory worker to find new uses for a “job-killing” robot. We need an IT technician to figure out a new way to address tickets using AI.

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Cultivating the passion of the explorer enables innovative thinking in the organization at a whole new level, HBR 

    • Cultivating the passion of the explorer enables innovative thinking in the organization at a whole new level. The institutions that restore our humanity in this way will unleash a much more powerful form of learning among all workers that will lead to exponentially expanding opportunities. But harnessing that opportunity requires us to move beyond fear and to find and cultivate the passion of the explorer that lies waiting to be discovered in all of us.

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