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g-f(2)573 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (10/16/2021), VentureBeat, The 2021 machine learning, AI, and data landscape

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Lessons learned, VentureBeat

    • It’s been a hot, hot year in the world of data, machine learning, and AI.
    • It has also been a year of multiple threads and stories intertwining.
    • One story has been the maturation of the ecosystem, with market leaders reaching large scale and ramping up their ambitions for global market domination, in particular through increasingly broad product offerings.
    • At the other end of the spectrum, this year has also seen the rapid emergence of a whole new generation of data and ML startups.

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        Lessons learned, VentureBeat

        • The macro view: Making sense of the ecosystem’s complexity
          • Rewind: The megatrend
          • The big unlock
          • The titanic shock: Snowflake vs. Databricks
          • Bundling, unbundling, consolidation?
        • Financings, IPOs, M&A: A crazy market
          • Public markets
          • Private markets
          • Acquisitions
        • What’s new for the 2021 MAD landscape
          • Key trends in data infrastructure
            • The data mesh
            • A busy year for DataOps
            • It’s time for real time
            • Metrics stores
            • Reverse ETL
            • Data sharing
          • Key trends in ML/AI
            • Feature stores
            • The rise of ModelOps
            • AI content generation
            • The continued emergence of a separate Chinese AI stack

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        Lessons learned 

        What’s new for the 2021 MAD landscape, VentureBeat

        • For those who have remarked over the years how insanely busy the chart is, you’ll love our new acronym: Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, and Data (MAD) — this is now officially the MAD landscape!
        • Given the explosive pace of innovation, company creation, and funding in 2020-21, particularly in data infrastructure and MLOps, we’ve had to change things around quite a bit in this year’s landscape.
        • One significant structural change: As we couldn’t fit it all in one category anymore, we broke “Analytics and Machine Intelligence” into two separate categories, “Analytics” and “Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.”
        • Another significant evolution: In the past, we tended to overwhelmingly feature on the landscape the more established companies — growth-stage startups (Series C or later) as well as public companies. However, given the emergence of the new generation of data/AI companies mentioned earlier, this year we’ve featured a lot more early startups (series A, sometimes seed) than ever before.

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