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g-f(2)570 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (10/15/2021), PHYS.ORG, Machine-learning system accelerates discovery of new materials for 3D printing

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"g-f" fishing of golden knowledge (GK) of the fabulous treasure of the digital ageArtificial Intelligence, Machine-learning accelerates discovery of new materials for 3D printing (10/15/2021)  g-f(2)426 


Machine-learning system accelerates discovery of new materials for 3D printing, PHYS.ORG 

    • The growing popularity of 3D printing for manufacturing all sorts of items, from customized medical devices to affordable homes, has created more demand for new 3D printing materials designed for very specific uses.
    • Researchers at MIT have developed a data-driven process that uses machine learning to optimize new 3D printing materials with multiple characteristics, like toughness and compression strength.
    • Optimizing discovery. In the system the researchers developed, an optimization algorithm performs much of the trial-and-error discovery process.
    • The researchers have created a free, open-source materials optimization platform called AutoOED that incorporates the same optimization algorithm. AutoOED is a full software package that also allows researchers to conduct their own optimization.
    • By streamlining materials development, the system lowers costs and lessens the environmental impact by reducing the amount of chemical waste. The machine learning algorithm could also spur innovation by suggesting unique chemical formulations that human intuition might miss.
    • Faster in the future. The process could be accelerated even more through the use of additional automation. Researchers mixed and tested each sample by hand, but robots could operate the dispensing and mixing systems in future versions of the system, Mike Foshey (a mechanical engineer and project manager in the Computational Design and Fabrication Group (CDFG) of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), and co-lead author of the paper) says.

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    New fibers can make breath-regulating garments, MIT News

    • “Robotic” textiles could help performers and athletes train their breathing, and potentially help patients recovering from postsurgery breathing changes.
    • A new kind of fiber developed by researchers at MIT and in Sweden can be made into clothing that senses how much it is being stretched or compressed, and then provides immediate tactile feedback in the form of pressure, lateral stretch, or vibration. Such fabrics, the team suggests, could be used in garments that help train singers or athletes to better control their breathing, or that help patients recovering from disease or surgery to recover their breathing patterns.
    • The fibers, dubbed OmniFibers, are being presented this week at the Association for Computing Machinery’s User Interface Software and Technology online conference, in a paper by Ozgun Kilic Afsar, a visiting doctoral student and research affiliate at MIT; Hiroshi Ishii, the Jerome B. Wiesner Professor of Media Arts and Sciences; and eight others from the MIT Media Lab, Uppsala University, and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.
    • Ishii says he can foresee a variety of applications for this technology. “Everybody has to breathe. Breathing has a major impact on productivity, confidence, and performance,” he says. “Breathing is important for singing, but also this can help when recovering from surgery or depression. For example, breathing is so important for meditation.”
    • The system also might be useful for training other kinds of muscle movements besides breathing, he says.
    • The research was supported by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. The team included Ali Shtarbanov, Hila Mor, Ken Nakagaki, and Jack Forman at MIT; Kristina Hook at KTH Royal Institute of Technology; and Karen Modrei, Seung Hee Jeong, and Klas Hjort at Uppsala University in Sweden.

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            The Future of 3D Printing is in the Cloud: An Interview with BuildBee’s CEO, geniouxfacts

            • As 3D printing continues to improve on the hardware front, there are still major obstacles to adoption on the software side of the equation, particularly when it comes to entry level users and institutions who may not require industrial equipment.
            • After some three years of internal development, BuildBee has emerged as a potential solution as a cloud-based print prep and control tool that lowers the barrier to entry to 3D printing technology. With a streamlined interface, yet advanced features such as auto-repair and extensive part libraries, BuildBee could become a go-to option for everyone from hobbyists to complete enterprises running print farms. 
            • Founded in 2019 BuildBee Pty Ltd is a Software as a Service (SaaS) private company and the largest in the 3D printing space in Australia. BuildBee offers its customers an all-in-one, easy to use, secure and cloud-based 3D printing software solution.
            • BuildBee has over 35,000 customers globally, distributed across America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Headquartered in Wollongong, Australia, BuildBee is known for making 3D printing more accessible to users at any level across the consumer, education and enterprise industry segments.


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