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g-f(2)569 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (10/15/2021), PHYS.ORG, Artificial intelligence helps to find new natural substances

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AI helps to find new natural substances, PHYS.ORG 

    • More than a third of all medicines available today are based on active substances from nature, and a research team from the University of Jena has developed a procedure to identify small active substance molecules much more quickly and easily.
    • Making use of the riches provided by nature's medicine cabinet and identifying new natural substances is time-consuming, costly and labor-intensive. 
    • A team of bioinformaticians at Friedrich Schiller University Jena has now developed a method that enables much faster and easier identification of small active substance molecules. The researchers present their method, called COSMIC (Confidence Of Small Molecule IdentifiCations), in the current issue of Nature Biotechnology.
    • There are currently huge collections of data with billions of mass spectrometry data items from millions of analyzes of biological samples, the vast majority of which have not been identified as to their structure. This is where COSMIC is now coming into play, enabling structures to be deciphered automatically for a large proportion of these as yet unidentified molecules.
    • "To this end, we use machine-learning methods," explains Martin Hoffmann, lead author of the new publication. "First, the mass spectrum of the sample under examination is compared with the available structural data." As a result, you get—as in a Google search—a more or less extensive list of possible hits. "Our method now indicates how confident one can be that the hit found in the first place is actually the structure we are looking for," Hoffmann adds. To do this, COSMIC determines a score that evaluates the quality of the suggested hit and deduces whether it is correct or incorrect.

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                      The Big Picture of Business Artificial Intelligence (3/3/2021) in a Single “g-f KBP” Chart, geniouxfacts

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                      • Most of the AI deployed today, while novel and impressive, still falls under a category of “specialized AI.”
                      • Artificial general intelligence (AGI), the idea of a truly artificial human-like brain, remains a topic of deep research interest but a goal that experts agree is far in the future.
                      • The ability to adapt to entirely novel situations is still an enormous challenge for AI and robotics, a key reason for companies’ continued reliance on human workers for a variety of tasks.
                      • From a work perspective, these technologies tend to be task oriented, that is they execute limited sets of tasks, more than the full set of activities comprising an occupation.

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                                AI in Its Current State Is Already Wonderful, geniouxfacts

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