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Opportunity, Day of AI, MIT NEWS 

    • Professor Cynthia Breazeal, director of MIT RAISE, senior associate dean for Open Learning, and head of the Media Lab’s Personal Robots research group, took the podium to elaborate on Day of AI. The goal of the program is to help educators and students develop the AI literacy needed to navigate this AI-driven world. In collaboration with education provider i2 Learning, MIT RAISE is providing free training and support to teachers to help them bring AI curricula into their classrooms through engaging, hands-on activities. The first Day of AI will be on May 13, 2022.
    • The fourth annual Massachusetts STEM Week kicked off on Monday, Oct. 18 at the MIT Media Lab. Organized by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Education and the STEM Advisory Council, Mass STEM Week is a statewide effort to boost awareness, interest, and access in STEM education and career opportunities for learners of all ages and backgrounds.
    • "STEM is the toolkit of the future no matter what your interests are,” said Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker. “You can’t think anymore of STEM just being about science, technology, engineering, and math because it’s everywhere. There’s almost no tool, no capability, no thing you need to succeed, that doesn’t involve ... some element of STEM."

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      Announcing Day of AI, MIT Open Learning


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      The launch of Day of AI, a new initiative from MIT RAISEMIT News 

      • In his remarks, MIT President L. Rafael Reif announced the launch of Day of AI, a new initiative from MIT RAISE: an annual educational event wherein teachers across the country will introduce students of all backgrounds to foundational concepts in artificial intelligence and its role in their lives. “K-12 students across the country will have the opportunity to learn about artificial intelligence, MIT-style — that is, through hands-on activities that will demonstrate the part AI plays in their daily lives,” said Reif.
      • “This generation of students, who are literally growing up with AI, deserves more than a vague understanding of these incredibly powerful technologies that are ubiquitous in their lives,” says Breazeal. “They need not just knowledge of what AI is and how it works, but also the agency to use AI responsibly with confidence and creativity.”

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      Day of AI curriculum and activities, MIT News 

      • Day of AI curriculum and activities are designed to equip educators to give students across the United States an entry point into AI literacy. For the first year, MIT RAISE has created age-appropriate curriculum modules for grades 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12, including those with little or no technology experience. Examples of lessons and activities include building a face-recognition app or a recommendation system, using AI to create works for art, learning about GANs and deepfakes, exploring and discussing algorithmic bias, and making recommendations on the responsible design of social media platforms. Resources and training for Day of AI will be provided at no cost to educators, and all of the activities require only an internet connection and a laptop.
      • MIT RAISE aims to reach as many classrooms across the United States as possible, providing access and support to reinforce the message that AI is for everyone. Day of AI is a next step in RAISE’s mandate to expand who sees themselves in AI and diversify the pipeline of computer science talent.

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