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g-f(2)578 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (10/18/2021), Analytics Insight, 10 Reasons Why AI Is Essential for Your Competitive Intelligence Program

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Use AI wisely in your competitive intelligence program, Analytics Insight 

  • ​Artificial intelligence is a powerful asset to your team. Businesses see it as an essential way to remain in ever-changing markets. 
  • AI helps fuel knowledge-gathering efforts, visualize data, deliver information in a timely fashion, and dive deeper into thousands of sources that the average person could never find.
  • 10 Reasons Why AI Is Essential for Your Competitive Intelligence Program:
    1. Gather Thousands of Relevant Sources
    2. Filter Information for Relevant Insights
    3. Act as a Watchdog
    4. Visualize Trends for Clear Decision-Making
    5. To Anticipate Competitor Moves
    6. Find New Opportunities
    7. Stay Ahead of Rivals
    8. Stand Out
    9. Learn Market Dynamics
    10. Propel Innovation

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                    Gather Thousands of Relevant Sources, Analytics Insight

                    • Gathering information requires more time and energy than most people or companies can afford to spend. 
                    • There are far too many sources of intel for any human to track themselves. Without AI, they would spend all their time doing research to understand what’s happening, which makes it difficult for them to track real-time updates and changes. AI can also gather insights from news sources, evolving external markets, social media, website tracking, job review boards, thought leadership, events, and many other sources.

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                    Propel Innovation, Analytics Insight 

                      • This stands as one of the most crucial reasons why competitive intelligence is used in companies. Innovation is much needed to sustain a competitive advantage that allows companies to leapfrog in front of their customers, and not just mimicking and following them. And certainly, this means profit! 
                      • Dyson Appliances Limited (DAL) is a classic example of innovation using competitive intelligence. DAL’s founder James Dyson himself was the source of many innovations. He is popular as the inventor of the first bagless vacuum that took the vacuum cleaner market by storm. Following the pursuit of innovation, Dyson churned out many other innovative models of vacuum cleaners that had helped Dyson gain a market leadership position.  
                      • DAL’s deep-set culture of innovation gave it an edge over its competitors.

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