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g-f(2)606 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (10/27/2021), WSJ, Microsoft Earnings Jump as Cloud Services Thrive

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Lessons learned, WSJ 

  • Microsoft Corp. continued to benefit from the global shift toward remote work as its cloud business boosted its revenue last quarter.
  • On Tuesday it reported revenue of $45.3 billion for the three months through Sept. 30, up 22% from the year-earlier period. Net income rose 48% to $20.5 billion. The results exceeded analyst expectations of $44 billion in sales and $15.7 billion in profit, according to analysts surveyed by FactSet.
  • The cloud business is one of the fastest-growing in tech, expected to expand from $706.6 billion in 2021 to $1.3 trillion by 2025, according to research firm International Data Corp. Microsoft is the second-largest player in the industry with nearly a 20% share of the world-wide cloud computing market after Amazon, which dominates with more than a 40% share, according to Gartner Inc.

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                      Lessons learned, WSJ

                      • Microsoft is among tech companies that have benefited most from the sustained shift to working-from-home and remote schooling that followed the outbreak of Covid-19.
                      • Companies and consumers embracing digital services that run on the cloud have been at the center of its growth. Demand for personal computers, many using the company’s Windows software, has surged over the last 18 months as has demand for Microsoft’s latest videogame Xbox consoles.

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                      Lessons learned, WSJ

                      • Microsoft said Tuesday that Azure and other cloud-computing services grew 50% in what was its fiscal first quarter. The company’s Microsoft Cloud business, a broader representation of its cloud offerings, generated $20.7 billion in sales. That was up 36% from the previous year, breaching the $20 billion quarterly sales mark for the first time.
                      • “We are building Azure as the world’s computer with more data center regions than any other provider, delivering fast access to cloud services while addressing critical data residency requirements,” Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella said on a conference call with analysts.
                      • The company’s gaming business has experienced some slowness as the opening up of the economy meant people were spending less time locked at home playing games. 
                      • Another growing business for Microsoft has been its social network LinkedIn, which saw its sales expand 42% in the quarter. 

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