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g-f(2)601 Lighthouse of the big picture of the digital age (10/26/2021), We live in the age of light that illuminates the path to greatness

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"g-f" fishing of golden knowledge (GK) of the fabulous treasure of the digital ageLighthouse of the big picture of the digital age (10/26/2021)  g-f(2)426 

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We live in the age of light that illuminates the path to greatness.

  • Light is produced by containers of golden knowledge (e.g., books, articles, reports, videos, images).
  • An untold number of containers of golden knowledge already exist.
  • An untold number of containers of golden knowledge are produced each day.
  • In this age of light the fabulous information search engines (e.g., Google, Bing, Yahoo) are truly extraordinary tools to search for containers of golden knowledge. 
  • This image (Supernova remnant DEM L316A in the Large Magellanic Cloud) that illustrates the era of light in which we live was given to me by opening Bing.

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                    g-f(2)561, The brilliance of emerging technologies is dazzling, and the extraordinary importance of the other two parts of the treasure trove of the digital age is generally not well understood. 

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                    g-f(2)557, The hope: the growth potential is unlimited.

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                    g-f(2)565, We are truly living in the era of unlimited human growth.

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                    g-f(2)571, Nurture Your Fabulous Brain with Golden Knowledge (GK). 

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                    g-f(2)582, Build the brain you want: PRACTICE, you have to get the job done!  

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                    g-f(2)593, Train your mind to think wisely. 

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                    “genioux facts”: The online programme on MASTERING “THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE”, g-f(2)601, Fernando Machuca, October 26, 2021, blog.geniouxfacts.comgeniouxfacts.comGenioux.com Corporation.

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