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g-f(2)696 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (12/1/2021), geniouxfacts, The video “Google's Next $1 Trillion Opportunity” is an exceptional “Full Pack Golden Knowledge Container”

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      • Within the fabulous treasure of the digital age, containers of rare golden knowledge can be fished.
      • The video “Google's Next $1 Trillion Opportunity” , is an EXCEPTIONAL Full Pack Golden Knowledge Container because it is a fabulous interview where the questions and answers are brilliant. This GK container analyzes the current status and projections of fundamental issues such as climate change, the benefits and risks of using technology, search engines, metaverse, AI, AR and competition with China.
      • It's great to learn about Alphabet and Google's vision and its commitment and facts to help make a better world for everyone.

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          Google's Next $1 Trillion Opportunity


          Google's Next $1 Trillion Opportunity, November 17, 2021, Bloomberg Technology, YouTube channel.

          • Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai talks about the search giant's next trillion dollar opportunity and the future of artificial intelligence. He also weighs in on Google's efforts to combat climate change, competition with China and the metaverse in an exclusive interview with Bloomberg Technology's Emily Chang for the Bloomberg New Economy Forum.

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          • The video has 106,264 views.
          • The channel has 408K subscribers.

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          • In the new economy forum one of the major pillars of this forum is climate and you grew up in India you lived through droughts water was scarce how has that experience shaped your feelings about the urgency of stopping climate change.
          • Google has set some aggressive targets to run entirely on clean energy to be the first tech giant to do so 24 hours a day, how confident are you that when you look back on this time let's say a decade from now you'll be able to say google did enough to help save the world.
          • Our Bloomberg new economy forum is happening this year in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region is one of the fastest growing internet economies on the planet where do you see the most room the most opportunity for Google to grow there? 
          • You can't talk about APAC without talking about China and you're facing stiff competition from Chinese tech giants there and beyond what should U.S policymakers know about competing with china.
          • What are the chances that Google Search will ever come back to China or that Google Cloud would ever come to china?
          • AI is advancing at an astonishing rate and it is hard to understand sometime, what this really means in concrete term how will our lives look different let's say 10 years from now as a result of AI?
          • You mentioned if done correctly and there are concerns there are fears that AI will replicate the worst of society even under Google's own roof from your own researchers, what scares you most about ai what keeps you up at night?
          • Your predecessor Eric Schmidt told me that he feels the latest facebook revelations are disturbing Google also has access to massive amounts of our data why should half the world's population more than half the world's population trust Google to do the right thing?
          • The Facebook fallout that Instagram can be toxic to teens for example has this raised more or new concerns for you about the impact of technology tech addiction algorithms YouTube even on our children and their development and their mental health I mean you're a parent and you also have a lot of power over how this plays out.
          • Google just hit a two trillion dollar market cap, Alphabet I should say, where is the next trillion dollars going to come from?

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          Lessons learned, Bloomberg Technology 

          Some golden knowledge (GK) quotes from Sundar Pichai

          • We have billions of users using our products.
          • I've always felt your market cap valuation is an effect of the value you provide, and I feel fortunate our mission is timeless!
          • There is more need to organize information than ever before. I still feel search is our biggest moonshot as a company.
          • Evolve search will continue to be the biggest opportunity.
          • We are so excited about the YouTube,  Cloud, our hardware products, Google play so we're building a diverse set of businesses.
          • The investments we are making in AI. We've invested 100 billion dollars in the past five years and so applying AI in a deep way is probably where we will create the biggest opportunity ahead.

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