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Lessons learned, WSJ 

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The big tech conglomerates are the new leaders of industry 

      • The corporate passing of the torch has been in the making for decades. But this month punctuated the transition, with GE, Toshiba and J&J all saying they would split apart in an attempt to get leaner and more efficient.
      • The way today’s big tech conglomerates glue their products together into “platforms” makes them potentially much more dominant and long-lasting than the industrial conglomerates. In those older conglomerates, sibling businesses weren’t nearly as interconnected or mutually supporting, and instead vied for investment from their corporate parent.
      • The dismantling of General Electric, Toshiba, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, DowDuPont, United Technologies and other sprawling business empires in recent years has been heralded as the end of the conglomerate and the demise of the idea that brilliant management teams can succeed operating in very different industries. But just as those giants of traditional industry are being dismembered, today’s tech giants have arisen as latter-day conglomerates—what some even call “neo-conglomerates.” They boast valuations bigger than any other companies in history, and have diversified their businesses through acquisitions and new starts just like conglomerates of old.

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          Why Conglomerates Split Up | WSJ


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          Lessons learned, WSJ 

              • Amazon, the $1.8 trillion do-everything-for-everyone company, operates online and bricks-and-mortar retail stores, sells outsourced computing services, runs a global logistics operation, produces movies, provides a social network built on streaming, dominates smart speakers, peddles home security services, aims to launch a satellite network, provides healthcare services, and last year acquired Zoox, a self-driving car company.
              • Microsoft, worth $2.5 trillion and battling Apple for the title of America’s biggest public company, sells business software, videogames, outsourced computing power, runs a social-media service where it sells ads, and hawks gadgets, among other things.
              • Smartphones, laptops, wearables, advertising and self-driving vehicles are now in the works or on the market from both Google-parent Alphabet and Apple.

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              Lessons learned, WSJ 

                  • “For Apple, all of its products are plugged into this one platform,” says Kim Wang, an assistant professor of strategy and international business at Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School. “How could you ever divide up Apple—it is like cutting an egg in half,” she adds.
                  • Dr. Wang defines a platform company as one in which all services rely on a common infrastructure or are otherwise intimately interconnected.
                  • Amazon’s platform approach means it can gather consumer data from all its products, then sell or advertise against that. An Amazon Prime membership comes with discounts at Whole Foods and down the road maybe a cheaper ride in a Zoox autonomous car. For Microsoft, the platform is the cloud, the huge datacenters that power so much of what people do these days. Your Teams calls with colleagues runs via the cloud, LinkedIn uses it, and Doom videogames played on the Xbox console also increasingly rely on those data centers.
                  • Taken together, these features of new conglomerates mean that they could be at least as durable as their forebears. GE began in 1892 and was the most valuable publicly traded company as recently as 2005. The platform conglomerates might last even longer, says Mr. Wu. The only real roadblock to their growth, he says, would be antitrust action by governments—a threat that is gaining steam in China, Europe and the U.S.
                  • Until and unless those regulations have a meaningful impact on the profits or acquisitiveness of these tech giants, all evidence from the study of platform economies suggests that they will only grow bigger. In other words, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Alphabet might just be where GE was in the middle of the 20th century, a time when it dominated its industries but was, in terms of revenue and market value, only just getting started.

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