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No-code platforms can bring AI to everyone 

      • Someday every part of every business will be AI optimized. The data is there today. The rate of progress and maturation of the platforms that let more and more people turn that data into AI-driven prediction and optimization machines will determine the speed at which it happens.
      • Removing friction from adoption will help unleash the power of AI across all industries and allow non-specialists to literally predict the future. In time, no-code AI platforms will be as ubiquitous as word-processing or spreadsheet software is today.

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          • Technology often follows a familiar progression. First, it’s used by a small core of scientists, then the user base expands to engineers who can navigate technical nuance and jargon until finally it’s made user-friendly enough that almost anyone can use it.
          • Right now, the process for building software is making that final leap. 
          • Just as the clickable icons of Windows and Mac OS replaced obscure DOS commands, new “no-code” platforms are replacing programming languages with simple drag and drop interfaces.

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          Lessons learned, HBR 

              • It’s making it possible to deploy artificial intelligence — one of the most transformative technologies in a generation — without hiring an army of expensive developers and data scientists. That means that smaller businesses, which often have huge amounts of data, can employ the benefits of AI such as powering new kinds of customer experiences (like a self-driving Tesla), growing companies’ top line (like P&G’s AI-driven advertising spend), and optimizing operations for maximum efficiency (like Walmart’s supply chain).
              • No-code tools empower employees to think about creative ways to use data to drive or optimize their work — and consequently, the business.
              • The potential of AI is everywhere in the enterprise, and the advantage of no-code platforms is that they are not restricted to any particular use case.
              • How to Pick the Right No-Code Platform. Not all no-code AI platforms are made the same, and the right tool depends on a company’s business needs. Solutions range from just a few dollars a month to enterprise platforms that cost six figures a year.

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