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Lessons learned, HBR

      • As leaders continue to rethink their real estate needs and hybrid work strategies, it is imperative that they enable employees with the right tools and technologies to be effective, autonomous, and connected from anywhere.
      • At the end of the day, it’s up to each organization to determine which approach makes the most sense in the context of their culture, industry, and overall purpose. But for those organizations whose employees have expressed a desire for increased flexibility, enabling autonomy will be more crucial than dictating a required number of days in office. Organizations that give employees the autonomy to choose their ideal way of working and support them with the right principles, training, and tools will result in a more flexible, more motivated, and higher performing workforce.

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      Lessons learned, HBR

      Employees Want Flexibility by Way of Autonomy

      • In our new hybrid working study, we asked over 5,000 knowledge workers around the world what they wanted from the future of their work arrangement. 59% of respondents reported that “flexibility” is more important to them than salary or other benefits, and 77% said they would prefer to work for a company that gives them the flexibility to work from anywhere rather than fancy corporate headquarters.
      • However, with 61% of employees reporting that they would prefer if management allowed team members to come into the office when they need to and work from home when they need to, our data also shows that the flexibility they want is conditional upon their ability to exercise it in a way that best fits them. In other words, it’s conditional upon autonomy.
      • Why Give Employees Autonomy? Other than because they simply want it, there are good reasons to give employees autonomy.

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      Lessons learned, HBR

      The Relationship Between Autonomy and Flexibility

      • As has been said time and again, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to hybrid working. Indeed, the fact that each organization can determine what works best for them is perhaps one of its most attractive attributes.

      Three Steps to Enabling Autonomy in Hybrid Work

      • So, how can business leaders and team managers give employees the necessary autonomy to be as flexible as they need?
      1. Establish principles, not policies
      2. Invest in competence and relatedness
      3. Give employees the tools they need to work autonomously from anywhere

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