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g-f(2)737 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (12/16/2021), MIT SMR, How Customer Connections Can Help Drive Decision-Making for Marketers

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The data points that are the most meaningful to our business are constantly evolving as our business evolves. This reinforces the need for teams to be consistently evaluating the data and assessing which metrics are the most meaningful.

  • A conversation about lessons from the pandemic on connecting with customers and building virtual communities.
  • For Eventbrite, the global ticketing and event technology platform, the growing recognition of customer needs occurred as the company focused on helping event creators and attendees adapt to rapid change.
    • A fun example of one Eventbrite creator is Daybreaker. They host morning dance parties — and they have done so for years, pre-COVID — but since the beginning of the pandemic, they have doubled the number of livestreaming attendees and reached more than 80 countries.

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        How Customer Connections Can Help Drive Decision-Making for Marketers, Tamara Mendelsohn, interviewed by Ally MacDonaldDecember 15, 2021, MIT Sloan Management Review, MIT SMR.


        Tamara Mendelsohn

        Tamara Mendelsohn is chief marketing officer at Eventbrite. 

        Tamara leads a multi-disciplinary group of marketers responsible for driving brand awareness, acquiring new creators and attendees and strengthening relationships with existing ones.

        Ally MacDonald

        Ally MacDonald (@allymacdonald) is senior editor at MIT Sloan Management Review.

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        Lessons learned, MIT SMR

        The best opportunities of in person versus virtual

        • What we’re seeing is that virtual events are here to stay. More than half of the consumers that we surveyed said that they’re going to continue going to virtual events, even once the pandemic is over.
        • We’ve learned that virtual events have a very important role to play both in our lives as consumers and also in the businesses of these event organizers. Virtual events create an opportunity for a hybrid business model and give companies and creators the opportunity to expand their audience or increase their event size in ways they might not ever have been able to do in person.
        • Just as there are new opportunities for virtual and hybrid models, there is also a new appreciation for in-person connection. The desire to gather together has never been stronger.

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        Lessons learned, MIT SMR 

        • Tamara Mendelsohn
          • In a time when no one knew what was going to happen next or how long lockdowns were going to last, it was clarifying to have our customers at the forefront of our decision-making. We knew if we could help our customers succeed, we could succeed. So, for us, the measure of success became how well we could help our customers redefine what gathering meant in this new normal. To do this, we aligned with the goal of helping our customers navigate uncertainty, we lobbied for our creator customers, we worked with Congress to secure relief for them, and we quickly shifted our product road map to make sure that we could support the move to virtual events.
          • The experience has reinforced the importance of being able to empathize with the customer. When connecting with customers on a more frequent basis, we realized that in many cases we needed to rethink the data or reporting being used, to help make decisions or even to change goals and metrics to be more customer-centric.
          • We’ve also put in place new processes and practices to address customer needs that will be here to stay post-pandemic. 
          • We focused on speed, flexibility, and driving audience, because many creators had not been able to reach or connect with customers and needed help reviving and rebuilding their audience and their communities. On the local side, we were watching data, sometimes down to the city level, to help predict when people would start to feel safe to gather again. Here, we were looking at everything from external metrics, like COVID rates, to internal metrics, like the number of searches on the platform for in-person events.
          • Given our need to stay nimble and help customers quickly, this experience has taught us to focus in on the data points that are the most actionable. Our company likely has the largest data set on global events in the world. When you’re working with this much data, it becomes critical to determine which metrics really matter most to meet your goals.

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