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g-f(2)735 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (12/15/2021), FORTUNE, High-performance computing has become crucial to competitive advantage—in every industry

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HPC (High-performance computing) can help businesses harness its power and ride it to new heights.

  • The deluge of data available to decisionmakers can be noise that drowns out important information, or an invaluable source of insight. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming increasingly important for businesses to distinguish between the two.
  • The trends of digitalization and 5G are creating more data than ever, and high-performance computing is needed to power the big data analytics, machine learning, and A.I. needed to transform it into insight and knowledge.

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        Kevin Zhang

        Kevin Zhang, Ph.D., is SVP of business development at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC).

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        • Data has become both the most abundant and the most valuable resource in today’s business world. According to a recent IDC study, the world generated or replicated an estimated 64.2 zettabytes of data in 2020, with a forecasted compound annual growth rate of 23% through 2025.
        • Unlocking A.I.’s potential
          • The trend of HPC becoming a necessity is particularly true for enterprises (and even traditional businesses) that are using big data, machine learning and A.I., or those who plan to. A recent IDC study predicted that 75% of enterprise applications will use A.I. by the end of 2021.
          • Governments are also taking notice of HPC’s possibilities, with the U.S. Department of Energy funding 13 HPC projects this summer alone to fuel energy innovation. 
          • In other areas of manufacturing, Procter & Gamble will partner with Sandia National Laboratories to create an ecosystem of HPC-enabled fiber manufacturing models to make solvent-free detergents.

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        Lessons learned, FORTUNE 

        Expanding computing borders with 5G

        • By 2025, IDC predicts there will be 55.7 billion connected devices worldwide, with 75% of these devices on an IOT network. Adding to this huge amount of increasing community between devices is the fact that 5G network speed will be 10 times faster than the average mobile connection. Not only is more data being generated, there’s a greater need to process it all at speeds that make it possible to react to this data in real time.
        • Although the coming wave of digital data may be intimidating in its sheer size, leveraging the ever-more powerful and efficient computing technology enabled by more advanced semiconductors, HPC can help businesses harness its power and ride it to new heights. 

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