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10 Tech Events of 2021 That Will Shape the Future

1.  A new generation of consumers
  • There’s a new type of consumer out there—who I call “Generation Novel”—born out of the disruption of the novel coronavirus.
  • Customers forever changed how they shop and make decisions, what they value, and which brands earn their attention and loyalty. 
  • Businesses of all sizes and in all industries will now need to quickly re-evaluate the customer experiences they offer, and pivot to meeting the changing demands of this new generation.

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    Brian Solis

    Mr. Solis is a futurist, author and global innovation evangelist at Inc. He can be reached at

    Brian Solis is Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, the global leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Brian’s work at Salesforce focuses on thought leadership and research that explores digital transformation, innovation and disruption, CX, commerce, and the cognitive enterprise.

    Brian Solis has been called “one of the greatest digital analysts of our time.” Brian is also a world renowned keynote speaker and an award-winning author of eight best-selling books including, X: The Experience When Business Meets Design, What’s the Future of Business and The End of Business as Usual.

    In his latest book, Lifescale: How to live a more creative, productive and happy life, Brian tackles the struggles of living in a world rife with constant digital distractions. His model for “Lifescaling” helps readers overcome the unforeseen consequences of living a digital life to break away from diversions, focus on what’s important, spark newfound creativity and unlock new possibilities.

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    Lessons learned, WSJ

    Let’s take a look at 10 technology-related events of the past year that will reshape the trajectory of businesses and markets for years to come.
    1. A new generation of consumers
    2. Big tech under the microscope
    3. Augmented reality gets real
    4. Virtual reality reimagines the world of retail
    5. Chatbots add the human touch
    6. Supply chains lose the human touch
    7. AI gets an ethical upgrade
    8. The evolution of IT
    9. QR codes find their purpose
    10. The transformative Web 3.0

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    Lessons learned, WSJ 

    3. Augmented reality gets real
    • When bricks-and-mortar stores were either temporarily closed or offering limited access to the public as the pandemic endured, e-commerce experienced hockey-stick growth. Traditional e-commerce, though, was limited in its ability to help customers get a true feel for purchases while shopping online, due to the two-dimensional, static nature of online shopping. 
    • Augmented reality found a unique calling in virtualizing products of all sorts—whether it be clothing or shoes or cars or forklifts—to help customers experience products as if they were physically in front of them. 
    • With 61% of customers saying they are going to spend more time online post-pandemic than before, augmented reality will play an important role in expanding e-commerce sales even as stores and warehouses open up.

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