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g-f(2)711 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (12/7/2021), WSJ, AI Agriculture Startups Take In Record Amount of VC Funding

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Investors have put a record $1.54 billion into AI agriculture software companies so far this year. 

  • Venture-capital firms are pouring money into artificial-intelligence agricultural-software startups as farmers turn to the technology to control pests, eradicate weeds and increase crop yields.
  • Investors have put a record $1.54 billion into AI agriculture software companies so far this year, according to data released last week by PitchBook Data Inc. That surpasses the $1.42 billion firms invested in the sector in 2020. In the prior two years, funding totaled $1.03 billion combined, according to the data and research firm.

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Lessons learned, WSJ

  • Farmers are under immense pressure to produce more crops with fewer pesticides, fertilizers and other resources, including water, said Michael Gilbert, chief executive of Vancouver startup SemiosBio Technologies Inc., explaining rising interest in AI technology. But to do so farmers need to monitor a constant stream of data on plants, soil and atmospheric conditions, he said.

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Lessons learned, WSJ 

Below, a handful of AI agriculture startups that took in funding this year.

  • Pest control. SemiosBio, which offers an AI-based service to help farmers manage crops and control pests, in September raised $80 million in a Series C funding round led by Morningside Group. The company has raised a total of about $200 million and is valued at more than $1 billion, according to Mr. Gilbert.
  • Gauging crop and soil performance. IntelinAir Inc. developed an AI-based crop-performance service called AgMRI that pulls in data from a variety of sources, including high resolution aerial imagery, current weather data and information supplied by its farming customers on current field conditions.
  • Search and destroy weeds. Carbon Autonomous Robotics Systems Inc. has developed an autonomous robot equipped with lasers designed to kill weeds. In September it raised $27 million in a Series B funding round from, among others, Anthos Capital, Ignition Partners and Voyager Capital. It has raised a total of $36 million, according to Paul Mikesell, the company’s founder and CEO.

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