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The winter 2022 issue of MIT SMR explores ideas to help leaders keep their organizations at the forefront of innovation. 

  • Break Out to Open Innovation
    • Break Out to Open InnovationDenis BettenmannFerran GionesAlexander Brem, and Philipp Gneiting, December 07, 2021, MAGAZINE WINTER 2022 ISSUE, MIT Sloan Management Review, MIT SMR.
    • Mercedes-Benz AG produces over 2 million passenger cars annually for a global market in the throes of transformation. Automakers are meeting new demands for electrification and connectivity, new competitors are arising, and customers have new expectations, such as the desire for sustainable mobility. All of these trends are driving the need to speed innovation in every facet of the automotive industry.
    • Open corporate accelerators can attract a broader array of more mature startups than single-company accelerators, and expenses are typically lower than go-it-alone accelerators. One company that has successfully adopted this model, Mercedes-Benz, emphasizes strategic fit between startups and the pressing innovation needs of its business units by hosting one-day events focused on specific technologies. It also situates the startup relationship in the business unit with proof-of-concept projects that validate solutions at low risk and cost. For the sponsor, this increases the likelihood of successfully integrating innovations into products, while startups receive the funding needed to develop and adapt their solutions without sacrificing an ownership stake.
    • As the pace and intensity of the technological transformation continues to increase, incumbent companies across industries are finding it difficult to fulfill their innovation needs internally. An open CA, as typified by Startup Autobahn, offers a model for expanding and enhancing access to external sources of innovation.

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Denis Bettenmann is project manager of Startup Autobahn for Mercedes-Benz AG and a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Stuttgart. Ferran Giones (@fgiones) is deputy head of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science at the University of Stuttgart. Alexander Brem (@alexanderbrem) is the Endowed Chaired Professor of Entrepreneurship in Technology and Digitalization and director of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science at the University of Stuttgart. Philipp Gneiting is head of open innovation and Startup Autobahn at Mercedes-Benz AG.

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  • How Collaboration Needs Change From Mind to Marketplace
    • How Collaboration Needs Change From Mind to Marketplace, Jill E. Perry-Smith, December 07, 2021, MAGAZINE WINTER 2022 ISSUEMIT Sloan Management ReviewMIT SMR.
    • Identify and pursue truly novel concepts by helping the innovators in your organization collaborate in the right ways at the right times.
    • As a manager, you can create the conditions to meet the shifting collaborative needs of innovators. It doesn’t require an organizational overhaul, though it is largely a structural challenge — mainly a matter of helping people make the right kinds of connections at the right times. When that’s happening consistently in a business, truly novel ideas have a fighting chance to make it to market.
    • Deftly turning innovative new ideas into real offerings requires an understanding of the four stages they pass through — generation, elaboration, promotion, and implementation — and which kinds of collaboration are most effective in each phase.
    • Most truly novel ideas either stall out in development or lose their originality along the way. To defy the odds, leaders need to help innovators collaborate in the right ways at the right times. Idea generation benefits from random, brief encounters, while elaboration works best with the support of close colleagues. Promotion — the process of gaining support and funding to develop a concept — is most effective when innovators can ally themselves with well-connected colleagues or managers who can propagate an idea more broadly. When an idea reaches the implementation stage, the primary collaborative need is for a shared vision, trust, and group cohesion; that gives team members a sense of ownership and the drive to overcome obstacles.



Jill E. Perry-Smith is a professor of organization and management at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, where she currently serves as the senior associate dean for strategic initiatives.

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  • Better Ways to Green-Light New Projects
    • Better Ways to Green-Light New Projects, Thorsten Grohsjean, Linus Dahlander, Ammon Salter, and Paola Criscuolo, December 07, 2021, MAGAZINE WINTER 2022 ISSUEMIT Sloan Management ReviewMIT SMR.
    • Organizations can make better choices about which R&D projects gain funding by managing bias and involving more people.
    • Our research shows that by understanding the potential pitfalls and improving the process, companies can make smarter decisions and generate better outcomes. Innovation will always be tough to assess, but by creating a process that is more open, fluid, and collaborative, organizations can spot the true gold nuggets among the rocks.
    • To eliminate bias when deciding which new ideas to pursue, organizations need to adjust the process before, during, and after making selections.
    • New initiatives are inherently uncertain, particularly if they are based on new technology or approaches to the market. Deciding which new ideas are winners and which are duds is tough, in part because bias and process issues can muddy decision-making. Ideas that are extremely novel generate discomfort because of the risks involved, and factors like the race and gender of presenters can influence decision-making gatekeepers. Changes to the green-lighting process can help mitigate these biases. They include removing the name and demographic information of idea creators, standardizing submissions, having diverse voices on the evaluation team, and even choosing to randomly select midlevel projects. While there will always be some hits and some misses in the process, understanding the potential pitfalls and using processes designed to avoid them will help generate better outcomes.



Thorsten Grohsjean (@grohsjean) is an assistant professor at Bocconi University in Milan. Linus Dahlander (@linusdahlander) is a professor at ESMT Berlin. Ammon Salter is a professor at the University of Bath. Paola Criscuolo is a professor at Imperial College London.

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