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How Stephen Curry has used the treasure of the digital age to help improve shot 

Stephen Curry has exploited the treasure of the digital age to perfect his already fabulous shot. Important media analyzed the process developed by Curry. The current NBA season confirms Stephen's progress. Technology plus golden knowledge, two fundamental items of the treasure were used. g-f(2)667
  • WSJ. The NBA’s best shooter decided the basket was too big. He used technology to make it smaller. The goal: ‘swishes within swishes.’
  • NBA. Curry and his trainer, Brandon Payne, detailed to NBA.com a new wrinkle in Curry’s training regimen last summer. It has played a factor in Curry climbing to third place for most 45-point games for a player at least 33 years old (six), trailing only Michael Jordan (11) and Bernard King (eight).
    • “Making shots in workouts is no longer good enough,” Payne told NBA.com “We’ve established he’s going to make a lot of shots in workouts. He consistently does that. So for us, we’ve utilized technology to be even more precise.”
    • After shattering numerous scoring records and climbing to No. 2 on the NBA’s all-time list for most 3-pointers (2,842), Curry relied on shot-tracking technology that determined that not all of his made baskets are created equal.
    • Each time Curry hoisted a shot, the technology tracked the ball’s movement, the ball’s arc and how deep the ball went into the rim. If the ball failed to drop through the middle of the rim, Curry and Payne simply counted that attempt as a missed shot. Curry and Payne also kept the same standard when he took shots on the move, an approach he took to emulate shooting against a swarming defender.
    • “It was a mental challenge of trying to be as perfect as possible,” Curry told NBA.com “If I make 10 shots and they are outside of that window and then I have to do 10 more for that drill, it becomes a conditioning drill if you don’t knock them down earlier in the drill. So you have to stay locked in and focused. It creates a game-like situation with pressure. You don’t want to be out there all day feeling dog tired because you can’t beat the drill.”
    • Curry conceded he did not always master the drill. So that left Payne dealing with an uncomfortable job description. “I have to tell the greatest shooter that has ever lived that it’s not good enough.” Payne often said he told himself, “That’s Stephen Curry; should I be saying this to him?”

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Lessons learned, WSJ

Stephen Curry’s Scientific Quest for the Perfect Shot

  • A few years ago, a cancer researcher named Rachel Marty Pyke found herself at a conference for sports geeks, presenting a study she had undertaken in her spare time while pursuing a bioinformatics Ph.D. She had used a machine-learning algorithm to identify patterns in more than 20 million basketball shots that were tracked by technology developed with the help of a NASA rocket scientist. Now she was sharing the results. 
  • Pyke had a personal connection to the work. Her father was the founder of a shot-tracking system that had generated a trove of fascinating data. He needed someone to help analyze it—and he didn’t have to look very far. It turned out his daughter had the quantitative expertise to dig through the numbers and write a report with her findings. “It was my Christmas present to him,” she said. 
  • That gift eventually became the genesis of the paper she would bring to a roomful of NBA executives, a wonky examination of shooting that ended with a proposal for rethinking the way they measured basketball’s most important skill. 
  • “We conclude by encouraging coaches and players to re-evaluate their largely anecdotal assessment methods and implement more effective, data-driven methods to enhance shooter development,” Pyke wrote. 
  • What she couldn’t have imagined was that her recommendations would be embraced by the greatest shooter in the history of the game. But this collision of talent, ideas and technology was almost inevitable because of Stephen Curry’s quest to perfect the world’s purest shot. 

Steph Curry hangs 31 PTS & 8 AST against the Orlando Magic

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Lessons learned, WaPo 

There’s new tech to build better basketball shooters. And Steph Curry is all over it.

  • You wouldn’t know it by the proliferation of triple-doubles and other out-of-this-world performances, but the NBA’s shooters aren’t getting any better and haven’t for decades. The league’s average field goal percentage has oscillated between 44 and 46 percent the last 20 years, with three-point shooting keeping a similarly tight range (34 to 37 percent).
  • However, there is technology that wants to change that.
  • Traditionally, shooting a basketball had two outcomes — a make or a miss. But but studying the specific angles and trajectories of those makes and misses, shooters can come closer to the perfect shot, placing more balls in what some are calling “a guaranteed make zone.”
  • Rachel Marty, a bioinformatics doctoral student and data scientist at the University of California, San Diego, currently conducting research at the Ludwig Center for Cancer Research in Lausanne, Switzerland, and Simon Lucey, an associate research professor within the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, studied real-time practice data on 1.1 million three-point shots from over 160 players at the pro (NBA and WNBA), collegiate and high school level, allowing them to analyze not only where the shot originates, but also its entry angle, shot depth and left-right position of the ball.
  • Their paper, “A data-driven method for understanding and increasing 3-point shooting percentage,” was presented at this year’s MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference and focused on data collected by Noah Basketball via a sensor mounted 13 feet above the rim.

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